Discribing time.

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Discribing time.

Discribing time.
Post # 1
Describe time as when "god" created time, heaven on this earth, earth, hell as we know it, or how "ad" is used in scriptures, for fortune telling
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Re: Discribing time.
Post # 2
Seeing as how time is as crooked as a politician, I am unsure as how you expect to get a straight answer to this question...
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Re: Discribing time.
Post # 3
Like the 13th Doctor said, it's nonlinear. More like a ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

An easy way to describe it would be as a dot, where perception is that which creates seemingly linear constructs. That said, I know an individual who created an egregore in the 2000s, and found that egregore in Mesopotamian mythology.

I myself have done something similar, in that I had soul traveled into the past to protect a friend while she was a baby from various spiritual attacks, and constructed a guardian angel egregore.

Not only did she draw that egregore, as her childhood imaginary friend, down to every detail recently, as she likes to draw things, but just today I learned that her head was once nearly sliced by an axe, she had escaped from a burning car, and survived eating glass shards as baby.

Time is relative, and flexible on other planes, so to someone who inhabits both it is a dot. Not a loop, nor a line. Every moment, is in the now, and it is perception that keeps us grounded into the present.

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
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Re: Discribing time.
Post # 4
Don't be so sure it happened this way, "god" didn't create any of these in my opinion. Describe what exactly, time? Time cannot be explained, at least by physical entities... Some say there is no "time" it's just the process of the phenomena.
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Re: Discribing time.
By: / Novice
Post # 5
time is a concept of man. it's hard to wrap your head around the concept of not measuring things by time, or by weeks, or by seasons, or by day and night. 'god' didn't create it. things just flow, and time is how we measure it. if you refer to the judo-christian-islamic 'God' it is how genesis says, god created everything within a week [though many philosophers do ponder how long the week was as 'God' is immortal and therefore time hold no meaning for him]

regarding scriptures for fortune telling, i'm not too sure, haven't really looked into that one myself [unless you refer to revelations, in which case it's rather hit or miss. as far as i'm aware there's no dates, so it's not wrong until something like that happens, then 'the prophecy is correct!'] many have used techniques to see the future, but with any method the future is always changing so it is never 100% correct. what most fortune telling will show you is the most likely outcome if you remain on this current path unaltering it [but of course, merely having said reading does create some change, so some readers do warn that it could be enough to effect the outcome]
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