Reforming the council

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Reforming the council

Reforming the council
Post # 1
I was wondering what everybody's thoughts were on creating a new council of american witches. One that would not have as such a shady start as the last one in 2015.
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Re: Reforming the council
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't hate the idea but I don't support it either. This path is very broad and personal so it would be hard to form a council to represent all witches. Personally we represent all witches because some people might meet you and the way you present yourself will be how they think of witches from then on.

On the other hand if this council is suppose to lord over witches, pass laws, create a code of ethics and basically tell us right from wrong it's useless as we are responsible for our actions. Being able to say 'well the high council witch said I could' really takes a key element out of witchcraft in my opinion and kind of tarnished my path. I'm my own moral compass, I rule my actions, my reward/punishment is given to me by a higher power [deity, karma, universe, whatever] and is not the result of mortals choosing for me.

Overall, don't need one, we are to vast in our views it would be hard to make everyone happy.
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Re: Reforming the council
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Witches are far too independent to work with such a Council, which is why the first one fell apart. (Well that and that they had completed the task for which the Council was originally formed.) It was suggested that a new Council form in the last few years and those that proposed it were promptly shouted down by Witches who felt and feel no such need to organize.

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Re: Reforming the council
Post # 4
I am not one who is easily led. I make my own decisions, form my own opinions, act according to my own personal beliefs and traditions, and hold myself accountable for those actions. I do not require any person or group of people to tell me what I must or must not do. I believe it would merely cause dissension and mistrust, and also curtail the openness of opinions and sharing of information. I am sure that it may be created with the idea of accepting all aspects of every unique belief and practice. But realistically, judgement would undoubtedly occur because what is seen as good by one may be viewed as terrible by another, thus forcing the creation of a division which would serve no good purpose for any of us.
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