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very new
Post # 1
hi my name is christina, I have spent my whole life feeling like I dont fit in or belong a week ago i found the som and I felt the feeling of finnaly belonging somewhere and the feeling of something missing in my life has disappeared. now if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it am eager to get started
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Re: very new
Post # 2
Hi there. Well the starting point in magic is pretty much same as everywhere else, basics. Aside from that you can browse through site forums, and do some history research about the craft in general. There are many paths in magic so you will be able to easily find where it is that you belong, so to say. Just be aware of various people around the site claiming they are vampires, demons, demi gods, gods or similar things. Things like that physically dont exist, which is also a good lesson to keep in mind, magic can not beat the laws of physics. If there is something more you would like to know send a message to me or any member of the site. Most of the people around are friendly and willing to help new members :)
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Re: very new
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Welcome to Spells of Magic, I am glad that you feel like you belong on SoM, this site holds a great deal of information, but also hold false information as well. You must be able to tell the difference between misleadning information and helpful information, most do this by their gut, if it feels to good to be true, it probably is. I personally would start off getting to now the site itself, there is a lot of helpful information around the site based new members. Then I would probably start by reading a few of the most recommened forum posts; (The Basics: Expanded) By: AwakeTooLong (Starting Out) By: Starrie (Visualization) By: Lark

Gaining a grasp of the "training-wheels" of magic will help things go more smooth, understand to seperate fanstasy from reality is one of the most important objects to pass. There is a lot of content on here that promises impossible abilities, things that claim to change the physical balance of this realm, do not believe them, they are false and do waste your time.

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Re: very new
Post # 4
Welcome I hope you find what you are looking for please feel free to ask me question I will try my best to answer them don't be worried if I don't answer them right away I am probley at work or asleep
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Re: very new
Post # 5
Welcome to Spells of Magic! I hope you find interesting and helpful information and have fun.
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