The Divine Debate!

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The Divine Debate!
Post # 1
Hello. Last night I was reading a book called 'The Power inside (UK Version) J.J Hudsman'. There, I found a stanza like this: ".....and who said it is not possible? Once upon a time there was a man,who knew of nothing but God. He worshipped the God,all day and night. Being only focused in God, He lost his job, and became financially feeble. His wife turned against Him and therefore abandoned him. He stopped eating. All He did was worshipping God. After 20 years, the man became so pious that he gained inner power, that equaled to God Himself. He was thus rewarded for his devotion,love and sacrifice." Are you For/Against it? State your own reasons.
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Re: The Divine Debate!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I am neither for nor against it. The tale is one of personal choice. Whether someone decides to be that devoted to a deity lies solely on that person's shoilders and no one else's. Each person is responsible for their own choices.
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Re: The Divine Debate!
Post # 3
In my opinion, I don't think this will happen with anyone and the God... But however, with other Deities yes. It depends on the Deity and the individual. If the worshiping is with the only purpose to gain things instead of showing your love through these actions, some Deities may not appreciate that fact; the feeling of them don't want to help people could be stronger if the person is hypocritical, which means they pretend to love the Deity.

From the other hand, if a person and a Deity have a close bond, then again it depends on the Deity. The Deity will help the person...but maybe not in every material thing particularly they have. It depends on Deity's peronality... Although yes, I believe every person who is a devoted of a Deity in a case which a bond exists between them, the Deity will always be willing to assist in spiritual journey and help...
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Re: The Divine Debate!
Post # 4
And about the first paragraph, it doesn't mean the case is always like that. A Deity may think in a way "They're helping me so I should help them as well, no matter the fact we don't have a bond."
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