Is this true?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Is this true?

Is this true?
Post # 1
I'm not sure what to think about astral projection. Some say that astral projecting is possibly harmful to the soul, but I don't think that's true. From what I've been taught, some believe the soul is connected by a "cord" and will always wish to be in the body until it is cut in the hour of death. Am I right or is astral projection possibly dangerous?
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Re: Is this true?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I consider AP a mode of travel. Others believe in actual places and encountering mythical beings. But I don't believe it to be dangerous. Might want to read up on here about how to, and even people's experiences about it. It does take time to learn it, and can be quite thing to experience. Sorry I don't have more to say. BB
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Re: Is this true?
Post # 3
Thanks so much StarPower
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Re: Is this true?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
There have been claims of it being dangerous forever, however, I think it stems from fears of the unknown than from actual experiences of it being dangerous. Many books warn against possible dangers but the authors generally say they have never had a actual issue occur that was truly dangerous to their soul and neither has anyone they have known. The cord connection is a popular theory but can't be proved. Some people claim to see it, while others never see it. I personally have never seen mine during my astral adventures. I've also never had an experience where I believed I was in danger. Your soul is very well connected and if at any point you ever feel threatened or like you are in danger, you can easily snap back into your body. I suggest you find a good book on astral traveling for beginners if you are wanting to learn more before attempting it. Maybe search your local library for books on "astral projection", "astral travel" or "out of body experiences".
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Re: Is this true?
Post # 5
What everyone else said, about the silver cord.

Actually fully detaching from the physical body, getting rid of the cord, is a much much harder thing to do than it seems.

The people I've met who could do it consciously spent over a year training it daily, and the only times I've had that kind of thing happen it was completely unconscious.

That said, astral projection can be dangerous in other ways, like opening yourself up to something nasty, so having a spirit guide(no matter their origin) there to help you will make things easier.
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