I am new to this....

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I am new to this....
Post # 1
Hello everyone on SoM. I recently learned that people call this site that way. ;)
Nice to be welcomed into SoM, and people seem friendly here. Moderator seem to be doing their job well and the site owner made the site very usable and easy navigational. So thumb up for the creators. *Thumbs up*.
Back to magic now...
I have been studying by myself for a while and I feel like some knowledge comes to me fluently and and some knowledge doesn't. I have studied and practiced: Astral projection, Summoning, Soul travel, Dream reading, Lucid dreaming, Precognitive lucid dreaming, Precognitive Dejavu's. Also predicting past, present and future through the reading of eyes. Greek mytology, Clairvoyance and currently studying demonology. Yet I still want to learn more and don't see myself as skillful or ready to be a master. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I am very straightforward as a person and wont tell you a beautiful lie over the ugly truth, which has cost me a lot of friendships.
All that to the side. I am glad to have been joining this site :)
Thanks :)
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Re: I am new to this....
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Firstly, welcome to Spells of Magic, this site is very good in finding others with similar interests, now a fair warning, there are some members of this site that are less than realistic with magic, some are miss lead into believe false information and some are just stubborn, so remember to follow your instincts, they will come in handy when going through this site's informations. Now, no one can "master" anything in magic, we only gain a "grasp" of how it works. I do hope you find what you are looking for on this site, making a good name for yourself is a good way of finding good and potential friendly people.

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Re: I am new to this....
Post # 3
Thanks for the quick reply :)
I will keep your advice in my mind through my journey in magic and SoM. I have noticed already in the spells section that my instincts tell me somethings are too "Hollywood". If you know what I mean. No offence to the spell writers or anybody else. Just opinion differences.
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