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Post # 1
Hi all. Hope everyone is well. I seem to be having a bit of trouble figuring out what type of spell to use, making my search for a spell a little difficult. My daughter recently gave me a beautiful leather bracelet with an owl made out of clay. I would love to wear this as sort of good luck charm/protection bracelet. So my question is what sort of spell should I search for (in other words Im having trouble figuring out how to word my search) and also what would be the best way to cleanse such an item to clear it of any negativity it may have absorbed along its travels. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: Confused
Post # 2
Wash it, with water. Try consecrating the water prior(which is in itself an extremely simple visualization), and after washing it, see yourself scraping off counter-productive energy, anything that you want to remove.

Declare that it has been cleansed, and once it is done hold it in your right hand. Go into trance, and mentally reach out to the spirits/energy, find if the former is agreeable beforehand. With your physical right hand, hold the object, and the left form and add power to the desired attachment. Slowly place the energy or spirit into the object, until both hands are clasped tightly on it. Visualize the force entering the object, expanding, and "clicking". Feel the power flow in your hands. Once you've finished with this, push will and intent into the object, with your breath. Exhalations mean pushing it out. Once this has been done, see it being ''switched on''.

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Re: Confused
Post # 3
This seems so much simpler than I had imagined (and I by no way mean that disrespectfully) I just tend to overcomplicate things in my head and fear I wont be able to perform to my desired outcome, but this is definitely within my capabilities as a newbie. Thank you Zelotar.
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Re: Confused
Post # 4
That's likely why MOST people struggle with even basic things in magic, both by putting a focus on the unnecessary(the reagents, the right words, the right dances, the right flavor of ice cream, etc.) rather than on things like visualization, energy work, and such on a direct level, AS WELL AS the fact that most grimoires DO intentionally overcomplicated things.

The whole of modern OCCULTISM(read, not magic, but the occult itself) is littered with these ideas that things have to be elaborate ceremonies to be effective. Granted at first, and to many, this may be the case. But there is an essential awareness that these are currents of energy, and that by interacting with them in their ''traditional'' form you are getting close enough to them to get rid of the devices, one by one.

So you can do the traditional, get closer to the system, and eliminate object by object...or you can dive headfirst into the currents and patterns and energies and entities of the system, with an open mind, and literally incorporate it into your own workings. A personal system is a best one. ''Best'' in the sense that it is the one that maximizes the most potential.

Overcomplication and conditions, ESPECIALLY when they are externally set, and/or don't come directly from the spirits invoplved, or your own imagination, are just more hoops to jump through, more things to check off some imaginary list, more work, and more energy wasted.

I once cast a spell, for example, where visualizing the result WAS A LIMITATION. Just goes to show that the more filters you can remove, the better.
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Re: Confused
Post # 5
I understand. Thought and intention are more important than the tools. Very refreshing insight.
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