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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirit sigil

Spirit sigil
Post # 1
I'm looking for any info on a spirit who is associated with a symbol that resembles a sideways "m" being encircled, but not completely. A friend of mine has been seeing this symbol in all her dreams, and I have searched extensively for the symbol and its meaning. Please tell me if its demon, Fae, angel, or some other thing and what it could be...
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Re: Spirit sigil
Post # 2
Hi I do not know what it means but I have some advice use the sigil to contact the spirit itself and don't worry if it's a demon they are a lot like us when it come to nature. But be very very careful how you summon it. Be very careful not to do spiritual abuse. Thank you for reading my post:)

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Re: Spirit sigil
By: / Novice
Post # 3

the sideways m part sounds like the greek letter, sigma. this symbol is used in mathematics....

but i cant say i may know much else

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Re: Spirit sigil
Post # 4
I would Strongly recommend that you do NOT summon it for a few reasons...
#1 the symbol was in your friends dreams and so it is either strongly linked or has or wants something to do with your friend , so unless they practice... Don't because it will be hard to tap into their dream of the symbol and make it come go you

#2 You don't know if the symbol is from a being , or if it refers to something other then a pyschical or eternal being. Along with that, if it is a being of some sorts, you song know what it is, how strong it is or where it's coming from, so you can't fully protect yourself....

^ That being said ...
Sometimes, being that it was a dream, it doesn't always necessarily have to be a real symbol from the real world, or any, it could be something that was ment to represent something familiar in their mind. But one thing that I can truly say is that if you wish to know more, try writing it down ( drawing it, whatever ), and looking at symbols, languages, and places of the religion that your friend belongs to and go from there.... If that don't work, ask them what else was with the symbol...

Was it just the symbol or was there things around it ? Extra... And look at other thing's... It's very hard to help in this situation, because we can only imagine what it looks like, I'm sure your friend drew it, so you have a clear idea... But, can't do much other then suggest things ..
Hope I helped
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Re: Spirit sigil
Post # 5
She does practice, and she mentioned that it was an entity by the name of Raven. I asked her if it felt like the energy of Odin, or his ravens, and she said no. I wouldn't attempt to summon the being anyway, unless I knew exacltly what it was.
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