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Help Please!
Post # 1
Hey everyone I'm looking for legitimate advice to help my friend. I've known him forever and I know he's not crazy because I also notice this sudden change with him as well. I'm letting you know ahead of time this is not any of that fake half demon stuff or anything of the sort. My friend began exploring Satanism and doing rituals working with all kinds of demons. When he did one of these rituals he felt something supposedly evil latch on to him. Shortly after his mental health started taking a turn for the worse and he started hearing a very deep voice speaking to him. At first it was offering power to better my buddies energy manipulation and in a moment of weakness he accepted this offer but this evil entity did not say what he wanted in return. He started having a different mindset on life and started getting into drugs after being sober for the longest time. My buddy heard this voice starting to threaten his family and he began to realize this was not who he is and imagined an astral prison made of onyx and trapped the demon inside this prison which is inside of him to keep his family safe. Is there any way to get him out without endangering anybody? Is there a proper banishing spell or ritual to do in order to get rid of it? Ever since this happened my buddy has had some of the worst experinces I wouldn't wish upon anybody. I want legitimate advice to help my friend and if you don't have anything helpful to say please don't make any negative comments and just be on your way. Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I appreciate it a lot.


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Re: Help Please!
Post # 2
id not suggest taking him out try dealing or contracting with him its much easier and less dangerous you need too make sure the contract puts the demon under the full control of the host but dont take too many freedoms away otherwise it wont take it if it dosnt be prepared too force it out all your friend has too do is push it out its pretty simple enough will and force and it will leave
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 3
the thing about banishings is they usualy come back
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 4
i maybe be able to suggest a few things that can help. I have dealt with this sort of thing a few times before. I'll need more background information though. Message me and I will see what I can do to help you.
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Re: Help Please!
By: / Novice
Post # 5

You may want to try and banish the entity through several methods, such as shielding from attacks, banishment spells, wardings, doing things as to "start fresh", burn certain substances such as incense, sage etc

sorry for short answer, currently suffering from anxiety attack lol

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