Just to let people know

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Just to let people know
Post # 1
I have been getting a lot of hate emails from people on this web site. I do not mean to offend anyone by saying I was born a witch. I had many people point out to me that "witch" is not a race. (DUH) BUt in my family it is...

I need to point out some things I was born with some gifts that some people have to work to get. Spell casting has always been easy for me because I was always around it growing up It was a way of life in my home.

My Grandma would read spells to me as a child and would explain what everything meant and why I needed it in there and why it was wrong to change a person's free will.

I thought I would find peace here and understanding how sad to see that even in 2016 people who are different are still getting bullied I just didn't think I would here

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 2

But here's the thing.

Being a witch isn't something in blood.

Being a witch is NOT a race.

It is NOT something you can be born with.

Do you practice witchcraft? Yes? You're a witch.

Stop trying to be a special snowflake by saying you were born something, because you're a witch and not special, just like every other human on this planet.

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 3
Hello I had A idea for the site and it would be putting zodaic
For a spell subject

Re: Just to let people know
By: / Novice
Post # 4

If someone is using filtred language ( cussing words ), harassment, bullying, being plane rude or anything that breaks the site's rules, you can block them by going to their profile and clicking on " add to blocklist ", you should also report them to a moderator.

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 5
You need to report the user who is harassing you to a moderator, then you need to send petrarca the websites administrator a message so he can take the appropriate actions to remove the users account

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 6

you can block them without them breaking site rules

Re: Just to let people know
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

It doesn't matter if someone is breaking the rules or not. You can block them if they are simply bothering you. To do this, simply go to their profile, scroll down, the option under add to friend is to block them. What this will do is block them from sending you mail. If you post a forum they will still see it and be able to reply. If you go into chatter you will still see what they are saying and they will still see what you are saying. They can also still /pm you.

If they continously harass you let a moderator know. I would suggest taking a screen shot and documenting date and time. But also be aware of what constitutes harassment and what does not. Someone you don't like just saying hi to you when you enter the chat room probably wouldn't count just because you don't like them. So keep in mind you can also do the mature thing and simply ignore them. No use getting upset over someone expressing a difference of opinion.

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 8
I'm not try to come down on anyone nor am I saying I'm better. When I say it's in my blood I mean I was born into a family of witches

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 9
I know what the difference between having an an opinion and harassment I'm open to what all people have to say it's just not nice when a person is belittled for what they believe isn't this what were all here for to be free and open about ourselves and not be judged. Not all people have to believe that some people are born with other gifts but just because they don't believe dosent mean that they don't exist

Re: Just to let people know
Post # 10
1. She can indeed have magic literally in her blood. It's a thing. Your spiritual inheritance comes from a variety of factors, physical bloodline is one of them. Spiritual bloodline is another, the octave of being, past lives, natal astrological factors all contribute as well. Some people are indeed born stronger than others. And someone born into a magical family is in no way superior to other magicians, except maybe not having some social programming holding them back, though I've met individuals coming from normal and mundane families who's abilities greatly outclass that of most hereditary witches. You aren't born with the keys to power, but you're also not born a blank slate. Unrealized potential is worse than limited potential.

2. No one is or ever will be special. No matter how powerful, intelligent, or supreme. The moment you start seeing yourself as self-important or eternal, you lose both everything you've accomplished, and the ability to progress. This, however, is a post best left for another time.

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