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Already asking for help!
Post # 1

I'm a 28yo single mum from the UK. I am making a return to these arts after a few years without.

The main cause for my return is that i find myself unable to feel safe or to sleep in my room after some building work was carried out (something I didnt want to happen - not sure if that is significant). I recently remembered that all those years ago I tried (and succeeded maybe) to cast a protection spell for the room. I feel like maybe that was disturbed/ruined with the recent intruders. Does this sound possible? And if so can anyone reccomend anything I can do, like maybe a new protection spell (bearing in mind I am out of practice). I don't remember how or where I got the previous one.

Also I was hoping to cast a protection onto a charm I wear on a bracelet. I found something that feels right on the spells section of this website (after reading many) and wanted to know if I should go for it or if anyone had suggestions/advice.

Thank you so much for helping me if you can with any of this :)

Feel free to message me or reply to this.
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Re: Already asking for help!
Post # 2
hi i only thing i know at the as im starting out is how about cleansing the hole house with a bundle of sage to get ride of any negative energy other than that i have not got a clue at the moment
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Re: Already asking for help!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I suggest a good cleansing by whatever works for you. Then do a protection. As for charging jewlry, go ahead. But cleanse it first. And do a periodic cleasing to keep it at it's peak.
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Re: Already asking for help!
Post # 4

I've found that spells are almost always most effective when written by the caster, so I would certainly suggest that. The following is the link to an oft recommended forum post written by Lark on how to write your own spells.

Black candles can be used for protection rituals.

Oak and aloe vera are associated with protection. Lavender is often used to bring peace to a household or person. Clover is associated with luck, which might be helpful. As stated above, sage is often burned to purify a space (it spells a bit like marijuana, though, so be forewarned). You can make bundles of herbs and plants and hang them over your door, put them in a pouch, or you burn them as an incense (be careful with the last--some plants are too poisonous to be burnt, so look up the risks first). Mistletoe is also commonly hung above doors for protection.

Amber and tiger's eye are both quite common in protection spells. Quartz is often used as a conductor, and can make spells more effective.

I have a friend who only does protection spells on Tuesday, as it is associated with protection.

If you feel the Moon phases affect magick, perhaps line it up with the waning or full Moon.

Good luck.

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