Loki (Offerings)?

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Forums -> Norse Paganism -> Loki (Offerings)?

Loki (Offerings)?
Post # 1

Last week I asked Arienna_07 what had she offered to Loki. She Said the following to me:

  • Loki Liked Sweets,especially candy and even Chocolate!
  • As Loki is much amiable to children, He loves toys.
  • Loki is upbit and happy,but some instrumental folk music can be offered.

What I know :

  • Loki loves incense such as Cinnamon and wine.
  • Loki loves strong Alcohol.

And now I demand more. Can you please add them below? Thank you.

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Re: Loki (Offerings)?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Here's a couple of different resources you can check into and read to learn about other things commonly offered to Loki:


I personally give Loki a variety of offerings, including many of the things Arienna mentioned. I use candles that are colored red, yellow, orange. He really does seem to have a sweet tooth, so aside from candies I like to offer up handmade baked goods. I tend to think he likes explosions and fire in general, so I use firecrackers and shiny things as offerings (and I burn the latter). Alcohol is always appropriate, as mentioned. I tend to pour it directly into a fire (though be careful with that).

I like to offer him non-materialistic things on occasion: as in, I spend an amount of time doing work in his name, donate to a cause I think he'd approve of, or make an oath to study something. If you do buy something for him as an offering, I tend to think he appreciates odd and quirky things: even something cheap like you could find at the dollar store. Toys, games, bobbles and trinkets are all appropriate.

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Re: Loki (Offerings)?
Post # 3
Thank you Personified. It was informative.
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Re: Loki (Offerings)?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

No problem. :)

Not sure if I included it up on my list or not, but some UPG and PCPG I've read about Loki suggests he very much enjoys poems, short-versed stories, singing and other types of music someone may play. It's been suggested that most Jotunfolk in general are very into music as a form of offering, so there's that.

As he is a father to several, having things symbolic of his children might be worth looking into. Carving a wooden figurine of Fenrir, offering bone to represent Hel, snakeskin for Jormungandr, etc.

And, though it's a bit controversial in the Lokean community at times, he does occassionally enjoy a lighthearted prank or joke. Some lokeans offer acts of pranks and tricks in his name. I think if you do this, you shouldn't be a nuisance about it. There's a difference between a lighthearted joke and being a pain and annoying, you know?

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Re: Loki (Offerings)?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I've just begun looking into offerings to Loki, but people have said he's a fan of Mountain Dew as well.
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