Is this right for me?

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Forums -> Wicca -> Is this right for me?

Is this right for me?
Post # 1
Hello... I think I would like to practice Wicca. (not sure how to word it) I am young, 14. I would want to keep my religion confidential. How can I practice Wicca in secret? (I dont have credit card, own address, etc.) Do I need/ how can I get robes, wands, crystals, etc? Where can I keep hidden? Can I be both christian and Wiccan? How can I join? I think so. I like the 3-fold rule, if you dont harm others do as u please, and connection with nature and earth. Would appreciate your assistance. Thank you.

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Re: Is this right for me?
Post # 2
Well i was about your age when i became serious about practicing magic.
I woupd suggest that you learn about magic before you start practicing.
And how to keep it secret simple dont tell anyone.
I would do my spells at night or when no-one was home.
You do need some things, because well they're a necessity. But some of the stupid tough bed you can actually make and i find it better because you personalize it so too speak. Hiding it, well that's up to you,you know where your parents may search etc you know them better than us so you should have an idea.
Hope this is helpful.
If you need anything even someone to talk to you can message me
On well bye
Blessed be
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Re: Is this right for me?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well legally your parents need to know and anyone who teaches you without their consent can face legal action. so i suggest you do some basic research then speak with your parents if you still feel strongly about it.

How can I practice Wicca in secret?

again, speak with your parents, but you can easily. meditation isn't exclusively Wiccan for example. you could say a prayer quietly to the Lord and Lady, observe the full moon and just reflect on the month. walks in nature and observation are another way to just connect with the world around you. you can cast spells, but it's not essential to Wicca [and circles can be done outside in the woods, and you don't need any materials for that either]

Do I need/ how can I get robes, wands, crystals, etc?

nope. it's all your personal connection. it's nice to have, but you can get creative [or simply use your finger instead of a wand or athame to direct energy] robes are nice, but again not essential [love to have one myself, and i've been studying over 10 years!] you can also take stuff form your pantry if you ever need supplies [a salt bath before a ritual to cleanse yourself of energy for example] candles and incense can be found at dollar stores [most things can be found in non-witchy shops if you really want tools] for books you can check out a big name book store [Canada has Chapters, i think US is Barnes and Noble? they have a spiritual section. or you could order in books]

Where can I keep hidden?

again, depends on the tools, a locked drawer for example, otherwise you can keep them hidden in plain sight [candles and incense can be displayed]

Can I be both christian and Wiccan?

*sigh* this ones kind of a grey area. by definition no. Wicca is a religion worshiping a female and male fertility deities. Christianity workships one God and his son [possible exception to Mary] so no, the two blend as well as cream and bricks. however, there are those who practice 'Christian Wicca' [the terms should be 'Christian Witchcraft' though] so technically there is a path that combines the two, but by the textbook definition, no. [but your path you decide]

How can I join?

Wicca has a year and a day ritual where you study for one year and one day, at the end you should have a strong understanding of the path and if you wish to join. you would then do a self dedication to the Lord and Lady and can be called 'Wiccan' [unless you join a coven, but at your age it's very unlikely]
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Re: Is this right for me?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

In my personal opinion there is no such thing as Christian Wicca.

Wicca is a very specific religion with specific beliefs and practices which in no way match the beliefs and practices of Christianity. Wiccans do not acknowledge Christ as the Savior, do not believe in the concept of Original Sin or of sin at all, believe there is more than one God, and believe that we do not need to be " saved ."

One can take bits and pieces of Wiccan belief and of Christian belief and combine them I suppose. But what you have afterwards is neither Christianity nor Wicca.

What most mean when they use the term " Christian Wiccan " is someone who is a Christain who practices magic. That means that a more accurate term would be " Christian Witch " as Witchcraft is not a religion but rather a magical practice.

By the way, you don't have to be Wiccan to practice magick and spells. In fact most Wiccans I know rarely if ever cast spells.

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