Need a trainer.

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Need a trainer.
Post # 1
I don't know if im putting this in the wrong category but if i am...sorry. For a long time i gained abilites that i didnt understand.... That i don't know how to control or use correctly. So i came here now because for a long time i thought it was best to block them completely and go on with my life as if i was normal...but im far from normal.

Here are a list of what i can do so far:
1. Lucid dreams
2. Dreams that predicts the future
3. Dreams that sends me hidden messages (when i figure its too late)
4. Seeing auras
5. Seeing visions
6. Energy sensitive
7. Empath
8. Making seals
9. Spirit walking
10. Manipulating energy
11. Sensing danger
12. Very intuitive
13. Meeting people in dreams before seeing them in real life
14. I can control the wind at some extent.
15. I absorb energy.
16. I see shadows ( i don't really know how to explain that one)
17. Seeing the souls of others by staring into their eyes

If im breaking the rules by posting this...again im sorry.

Hopefully there is people out there that can help me.
Ive been ignoring it for a long time and i cant anymore...there is a lot of things. I have to embrace now.

The reason why i stopped is because i felt like i was being hurt by it. But if there is anyone i will be very happy.
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Re: Need a trainer.
Post # 2
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Re: Need a trainer.
Post # 3
Basically i need help on embracing and controlling my abilities.
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Re: Need a trainer.
Post # 4
Many of us myself included our looking for mentors. I have a familiar and I need someone to talk to about what to do. It chose me and I'm at a lose. I am finding the site as a whole is a good learning experience reading the forums and asking questions. I assume a teacher or teachers will materialize as time goes on and they get to know me. I also see links for books clothes and supplies. I think practice and study are the route I will take and hopefully a mentor will chose me just like my spider did. I am worried as the weather will change if I should bring it inside, or just leave it to nature. After every storm I check on her and she seems indestructible. When she first showed up she scared the bejesus out of me she is gigantic bright yellow and black, my friend and sometimes lover killed her, but she was back the next day. I have lived here in the midwest my whole life and never ever seen a spider like this, I can't imagine I have to identical spiders a day apart. Well anyway any way hope this helps. I'm open to private mail and trying to learn together.

Thank you GoldenOrbWeaver
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Re: Need a trainer.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
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Re: Need a trainer.
Post # 6
Okay thank u
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