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Spirit Attachment
Post # 1
Hello, So I'm currently staying at my Cousin's house, and I'm sleeping in his sister's room whilst she and the rest of his family is away on holiday. There is a money bank in the style of a Traditional China Doll. China Doll's creep me out so I've turned it around so that it isn't looking at me per say. A couple times now I've gone into that room I've noticed that it's been turned around. The thing is, I know for certain no one has gone into that room and after that has happened for about the 4th time I put into another room facing the window, I came back in there this morning and the doll had been, yet again, turned around. I know for certain that my Grandmother or my Cousin has not gone in that room or the room I'm sleeping in. I've also heard footsteps during the evening on the landing outside both of the rooms when my Grandmother is downstairs watching TV as well as me & my cousin being in the same room. Has a spirit become attached to that doll? Or is it just me being paranoid?
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Re: Spirit Attachment
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You should start out by asking everyone if they have touched the doll. If they haven't, than yes it is possible a spirit is attatched to the doll.

If the doll turning around and the footsteps are the only things that have happen, than the spirit is trying to get your attention.

A question, when the doll is turned around, does she always look at the same spot?

If so, you should try to see if there's anything important in that place. It's normal for spirits to get the attention of guests in that house. Maybe there is something you need to see that the actual people that live there can't or refuse to.

The problem is, we can never be certain. It can also mean that the spirit is just trying to mess around with you, trying to scare you. Since nothing " big " has happen, like feeling unsafe or feeling it touching you, i wouldn't consider it to have dangerous intentions. But then again, if you move the dool around and she only looks forward and not at the same spot, it can mean the spirit is only trying to mess around with you or he wants you to do something with the doll.

Every little detail is important.

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