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Post # 1
I was curious what people thought of when it comes to vapings campatibility with Wicca and other forms of paganism. I personally think that so long as the person is of age, and there is no nicotine, then it can't be too terribly bad.
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Re: Vape
Post # 2

Sounds to me you're just looking for an excuse to vape.

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Re: Vape
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
As a person who vapes, builds coils and sells them, does competitions, part of advocacies in regards to the more recent attacks on vaping from federal to city levels, and goes to conventions, I can say from my perspective that I absolutely see little to no reason to try and implement vaping into paganism. Vaping is a healthy alternative for smoking tobacco products (despite accusations and claims by the FDA).

Given the ingredients, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring,and pharmaceutical grade nicotine, if any, there is not much room for implementing this into pagan practice. Your main ingredients break down into sugar and protein.

Flavouring is just that. For taste. I don't expect many people to vape on basil e-liquid - for example. And given the properties of the ingredients there's not really a true metaphysical aspect. Now take the idea of herbs, plants, fruits, etc may have properties but that's general the idea when you take it as is. We are talking about cooking ingredients down or siphoning flavours out to make natural or artificial flavours. Which then are vaporized at a high temperature with the vg/pg via battery connection to coils wicked with cotton and saturated by aforementioned liquid. This varying temperature that the juice is vaporized ultimately alters the properties and state of the liquid. And as such I would imagine that the same would go for the metaphysical properties as a result. So properties may come out different than intended. This on top of the matter that properties of the ingredients may not work well together when taken from the metaphysical perspective, and definitely not after the aforementioned reaction. Let's also go to point that mixtures may not be best suited for your intent and purpose. Thus you would probably have to get a custom mix of make it yourself.

In the end I say it's not going to happen and it sounds like you are trying to find a reason to justify the means.
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Re: Vape
Post # 4
I agree with Moonstone.
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Re: Vape
By: / Novice
Post # 5
don't vape myself [have a friend who does] i suggest researching the product, and reflecting on your morals. if you're Wiccan ask yourself if it's harmful to yourself and/or others. if you conclude it's a yes, then don't vape. on the other hand, there are pagan cultures who smoke tobacco, marijuana and other plants in various ceremonies for historical/cultural/spiritual reasons. it all comes down to personal preferences.
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