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Rituals & magic
Post # 1
so this is just a post about the basics of magic on rituals. I seen some posts about this but I just thought I would write a shorter version for people who want to know but hate reading.

So doing magic is very simple but also very hard. Every spell requires a ritual and a ritual requires requirements. You might think some spells dont have a ritual to it but in fact it does.

This could be in the form of doing 1 thing after the other or doing 1 thing in a specific way. Maybe a simple way of saying it would be you need things for the spell and they have to go in a specific order with an action undertaken for each of them, some before doing the spell in actual time or during the spell in the present time.

So that could be lighting a candle before doing a chant and activating an essence or even speaking a god/goddess name as an introduction for the main part.

If you skipped the above paragraphs then all you need to know is items or certain actions are for the ritual and the ritual is for the spell and the spell is basicly what you want done.

I hope I helped!
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Re: Rituals & magic
Post # 2
Lol thanks
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Re: Rituals & magic
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I wouldn't necessarily call this a "Basic" as it's more of an opinion (as most claims to "Basics" are). Spells and rituals aren't always seen as the same thing, even if they have the ability overlap in some areas. For example, I have daily rituals that have mundane and spiritual significance, but they aren't specific times set aside for manifesting whatever intent I feel I need to manifest at any given moment. A spell can have the same components as a ritual does, but it is not inherently repetitious or even needing of items and actions (though they can be useful to those who prefer to utilize them).

As for saying "Magic is simple, but also very hard," that's... kind of true, but again, not inherently. Magic for some folks is simple in practice, but hard in theory (usually in cases of natural intuition where words fail to describe the experience); likewise, it can be hard in practice, but simple in theory (for those that gravitate more towards understanding concepts and theories, but don't have the recognition of any conscious experience to go in-hand with it).

Personally I find a lot of magical practice, at least on an instinctual level, to be understood from the beginning even if we fail to recognize it as magical practice to begin with. While not the case for everyone, I find it to be more common than a lot of people realize. In this, I think it might be easier to get people to think about past experiences and "relearn" anything they might already know (even if it is not easy to put it to words).

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