Question about a pendulum

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Question about a pendulum

Question about a pendulum
Post # 1
Hello, I'd like to ask for advice about divination using pendulum. Basically I've been unsuccessfully trying to learn how to do it and practising for about three months and to this day it doesn't work any better than a chance if even that. I've been reading lots of stuff on the Internet about preparation, calibration, cleansing and all that stuff, I was following all these rules and guidelines I've read about and yet it is still pure luck if it answers correctly (except for questions I already know the answer to but this isn't really useful obviously). I will be grateful for any helpful response from someone with knowledge about thi s subject.
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Re: Question about a pendulum
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I have used a pendulum successfully for some things. While researching, however, I found a lot of misinformation is out there.

The need to cleanse is no more than a belief. There is no absolute necessity for it.

A pendulum is not a divinatory tool for predicting the future. Nor have I found any success using it to dowse locations (though some have had great success).

Asking questions to which you know the answers will give you the answers amready known, and this is why: a pendulum is a very simple tool to connect with your subconscious. That is partly why "Will this happen?" is not as good of a question as "Is it favorable if I do this?" or something similar.

Of course the simple answer may be that a pendulum is just not your thing. There is nothing wrong with using or not using one.
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Re: Question about a pendulum
Post # 3
Ok thank you to that one person who responded.
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Re: Question about a pendulum
Post # 4
Hi, pw165515!

I agree with everything that prsona said in response to your question. It may just not be your tool. Or, as was mentioned, you may not have asked the right questions. There's a pretty exceptional book - Ask The Right Question: The Essential Sourcebook Of Good Dowsing Questions. The book teaches a lot of thought and detail in forming the questions. I don't think that the questions need to be as specific as stated in the book but it explains why such detail can be helpful in getting a good response.

My personal experience has been that if you are very connected to the process spiritually it can be a very helpful and insightful way to receive information.

If after looking over that book, if you so desire, you still don't get satisfactory results you may want to look into another divination method that may suit you better.

Wishing you much success in your endeavor!

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