Playing Card Divination

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Playing Card Divination
Post # 1
This is how I read my cards and I know not everyone is gonna agree with what I say, but it works. First off I do not use my joker in these type of readings, so please leave that out.
The court cards (face cards) are read in the manner of how old you are. The kings are any men who are older than you and so goes with the queens. The jacks or any younger or same age people who can be either male or female.
The suits are the main cards being read. For instance If I have a three of spades that would correspond to having bad luck, because thats what the three and spades represent. Follow the chart down below and you will have no problem of identifying them:
Kings: Older man
Queens: Older female
Jack: Younger or same age; male or female
Spades: Hatred, death, anger, seperation, saddness, chaos, bad news, maliciousness
Hearts: Love, Life (sometimes regarded as birth), kindess, unity, happiness, order, good news, benevolence
Clubs: Health
Diamonds: Money, jobs, ambitions, legal issues
Ace: Something is coming up that may or may not change your life; good or bad
Two: The things (sometimes people) that we want or care for
Three: Luck; good or bad
Four: Friends or familuy (sometimes both)
Five: Things that give us pleasure
Six: Things that don't give us pleasure
Seven: Stuff that is directed at us
Eight: Stuff that isn't directed at us
Nine: Surprises
Ten: Obstacles
I hope this helps you out on doing some simple card readings, thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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Re: Playing Card Divination
By: / Novice
Post # 2

As an oracle card reader I actually like this. Oracle cards are more free form and allow you to rely more on intuition, feeling, and how you bond with the cards. By which I mean for example; I use Mythic Oracle. This incorperates the Greek Parthenon. So aside from the impression the card gives me for further insight I can use my knowledge of the deities I draw. So if I do a three card spread and see Eros or Aphrodite is the third card making it future I might take that as there is love in your future based on my knowledge of her. If I drew Hephestus I might be more inclined to think your wife is cheating on you or that you have problems in love.

The point of this is to say I like your interpretation but I would make mine slightly different based on my associations with numbers. I take the number three to be a divine number as I believe it to be Ares favorite number. So if I drew that I might think he wants me to take said course of action. If I draw a seven I consider seven a lucky number because me and my spouse are seven years apart, our anniversary is on the seventh and so on. Diamonds I would agree with representing money. Queen I would take to mean representing beauty. Hearts I would take as love both plotonic and romantic. Over all a great piece which is much appreciated.

By the way one typo- *family

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