Playing Cards - Yes or No

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Playing Cards - Yes or No

Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 1

Here is a simple tip for doing playing card divination for asking a yes or no question. All you need is your standard playing card deck, cleansed and ready to do some readings with. The manner of which these cards are answered are by which card comes first. Remeber to focus on your question as you shuffle and begin finding the card at the bottom of the deck or which ever way you prefer.

The meanings of each card shall now follow...

Ace of Hearts: Yes

Ace of Diamonds: Maybe

Ace of Clubs: I don't know

Ace of Spades: No

Joker: Ask again

*Remember to only use one Joker in your deck*

That is how I do it, but if you wish to do it any differently, go ahead by all means. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 2
One thing I've learned about playing cards is that they are very similar to Tarot cards, in fact I also learned that playing cards were some of the original Tarot cards. Can they be used like Tarot cards now? Maybe, but a complete Tarot deck would work better.

If you don't believe me about this, look at a playing card deck, find the King of Hearts (or diamonds I'm not sure which one it was) the king that has the sword like it's going through his head. He is known as the Suicidal King, and I imagine that he meant self destruction, calamity, loss, stuff along those lines.
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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 3

Yes I believe you Mel, but not everybody uses it like a tarot deck. Many people have different ways for interpreting it.

<3 <3 <3

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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 4
Still I might try it, I'll add that to my list of Divination. Playing card Yes or No!!! MWA hahahahahaha.
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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 5
To be honest, one doesn't need cards of any kind if they are sufficiently immersed in the current.

As far as using playing cards, goes, you can divine with them the same way you would with the Minor Arcana of Tarot. In consequence, you will be limited to applying this to more ''mundane'' and ''day-to-day'' situations as opposed to anything ascent-based and directly-personal. In other words, you will be able to more easily define your path and your situations rather than yourSELF.


You can read the Jacks as knights or pages depending on the situation, the Queens as queens, and the kings as kings. And the Joker can serve as either the Fool, the starting point, or the Magician, the active force, and the only esoteric card to it.

Like I've explained elsewhere, divination systems tap into patterns, so using actual Tarot cards before attempting playing cards is a good idea. And not relying on the limitations of playing cards.

''Invisible Tarot'' is also a very good idea once you're proficient enough with your deck, and deeply immersed enough in the pattern through looking into it enough.

Invisible tarot being ''tarot without the tarot deck''.
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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 6
I have a method which I recently read about that I quite like.

You draw three cards from a standard deck with the jokers removed, red cards represent yes, black stand for no.

So depending on what proportion of red to black cards you get:

Three red: Definitely yes
Two red: A probable yes
One red: A probable no
No red: Definitely no

You can then go on to analyze the cards you drew according to your preferred method, or further delve into the answer using another divination medium.
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Re: Playing Cards - Yes or No
Post # 7
What I have learnt when doing readings with playing card with a yes or no question for example: 'Will I pass a MATHS test?' You shuffle the cards and deal them. If all cards you have draw are all red (diamonds and heart suits) which represent a positive outcome while the black (clubs and spades) which are negative outcome
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