Mermaid spell?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Mermaid spell?
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Mermaid spell?
Post # 1
Does anyone know any mermaid spells that work? Please don't go saying 'they don't exist' or that 'spells don't work that way.' I will not listen. But, please, I want to become one sooo badly, and then help others who want to become one.

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 2

Sorry, but actually spell don't work that way. They work by manipulating the energies around us.

A spell can not change your DNA.

Re: Mermaid spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

You are free to believe anything that you want, but it doesn't mean it is real.

No mermaid spell you try will work because you cannot change your physical features or DNA with magick.

Mermaids are mythical creatues,at best they may exist on the astral plane but you can't turn yourself into one, that simply isn't the way magick works.

Eventually you will come to realize that this is reality, even if at the moment you don't see it that way.

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 4
They are right, and by the way, you should learn what magick really is. There are tons of articles on here for newbies.

~ Blessed be

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 5
Just go to 'Spells', click 'Fantasy spells', and then click 'Mermaid spells'.

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 6

They're called "fantasy spells" for a reason. The fantasy spells do not work.

Poison, I would suggest reading up on magick a bit. Check out the "featured articles" section and

Re: Mermaid spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

All transformation spells are fake. You cannot shape shift on the physical plane. Your free to think you can and keep trying. But I assure you that you are wasting your time. It could be better spent figuring out all the things magick can really do.

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 8
This again. You cannot alter your dna to become a mermaid. It doesn't work that way. You are human end of story. Though you can go into a acting career in Hollywood an become a mermaid in a movie created by a director of the movie. That is your only way. In real life your a human like everyone else that the truth

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 9
I'm sorry to state but mermaid spells are fictional being made up by Hollywood producer. Must spells that are added are of spells casters which automatically promotes a member to council allowing them to add a spell. But most don't understand how magick really works. And they post fluffy spells which will never work.

Re: Mermaid spell?
Post # 10
I wasn't here when Spell Casters was formed, but maybe it was the part that made this a "Entertainment website" as anyone could do whatever they want. Does it suck? Yes very much so since if I were to write a Dragon Spell to attract money, it would definitely disappear under the army of transformation spells. Still, it's a fact of life that we must handle.

To the person who made this thread, I'm sorry but like almost everyone said you cannot change what you are physically. You can certainly swim in water, be close to the sea, maybe buy a mermaid tail from a vendor and pretend you are a mermaid but actually becoming one? No, sadly that cannot work.

Plus why would you want to be a mermaid? As a human you have great potential. Heck you can start swimming now, practice really hard and become an Olympic swimmer! Plus as a Mermaid wouldn't you have no internet? No TV? No family? Honestly I would enjoy the life you have now as it is precious.

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