Reversing a spell...?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Reversing a spell...?

Reversing a spell...?
Post # 1

Some time ago, I worked a spell on two people who were interfering in a relationship of mine so that they would "forget" the secret of my liaison which I found on this website. I cannot find now which spell is was-I know I have it written down in one of my notebooks but it involved writing down the secret and erasing a letter of it each night as I burned a black candle; once for each of the two targets in question.

The spell worked, not in making them exactly forget about the relationship, but in sort of stopping them paying quite so much attention to the fact that it was happening and getting on with other things until it came a point that the situation was not really ever mentioned or even taken into consideration, and up to a couple of months ago, we all lived happily ever after. Until a couple of months ago only...

...Because recently, there has been a terrible situation involving the person with whom I had the relationship. The problems have become serious (and LEGAL!) and I now need my two friends to remember when the relationship started and what their opinion was of the situation (not good!) so that they will help me with their testimonies, but neither of them seem to want to get involved just saying they don't want problems and hence won't even hear me out.

Is there any way I can reverse his situation? Their testimony in the situation is vital.

I realize now that doing the spell was not a very good idea and I should have left well alone. I know I'm reaping what I sowed with this. In fact, i should have left the actual relationship well alone in the first place anyway, but I really do need help now.

Can anyone give me any advice?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

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Re: Reversing a spell...?
Post # 2
I can try to cast you a reverse spell. It might now work but its free.
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Re: Reversing a spell...?
Post # 3
Oh dear, a legal situation requiring testimonies? Well a simple please might help, trying to get these 2 friends of yours to agree with the testimony, however if it is indeed a legal trial situation then that might be a problem as you could be seen as influencing evidence. I'm no lawyer or anything close to that so don't take my word on it. (Maybe you can try to contact this Liaison?)

In order to formulate any proper counter spell one would need to have the exact original spell procedure plus the time when it was casted. Unfortunately the main thing is the fact that your friends do not want to get involved, even if you casted another spell to try and get them involved it may not work due to your time crunch. Also if you used Black Candles I assume that means Black Magick (by that I mean Malicious Magick) and I know nothing about Black Magick.

I really do not know what to say. This is a personal matter and I'm not sure what to think nor how to properly help you. My apologies.
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Re: Reversing a spell...?
Post # 4
Thank you, Melthan.

It's ok. I do not think it was black magic. In some instances black can be used to erase memories and banish negativity. It's all in the intent. That's all it was.

It's ok. I am no longer worried. My friends will be interviwed and I will have to trust they will tell what they know.

I think I will stop logging on to this website. All I have ever got here is harsh judgements and severity, when I myself have never judged or mistreated anyone here and all I have tried to be is mild mannered and polite. I still obviously rub people up the wrong way here somehow.

Thank you for the opportunity of posting nevertheless.

Blessings to everyone,
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Re: Reversing a spell...?
Post # 5
Thank you for your offer, Angrybird. It's very kind, but it won't be necessary.

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