Lost friend spell?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Lost friend spell?

Lost friend spell?
Post # 1
Hi everyone, hope all are well. Im wondering if there is a spell to help locate a friend. There are not physically lost but they are lost to me. See I met this person online but unfortunately I cannot remember there display name to look for them. I only remembered the what they had as a display picture. Does anyone think its possible to find this person or should I just forget it?
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Re: Lost friend spell?
Post # 2
Try sending a prayer to the Angel of Lost Things.

Just ''the Angel of Lost Things'' is enough, though if you need names, call it Chamuel.

A heartfelt prayer, perhaps while gazing into a candle, to engage a light trance. Blow the candle out, inhale the smokes, and forget about it.

Seriously, forget about the ritual, the person, everything. The magic will do its work, as long as you forget about the ritual. Ground yourself.
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Re: Lost friend spell?
Post # 3
Well, magick might not be the case in this certain situation. May I ask what website you were using? If it was this one, it should be quite easy to find your friend. If it was not too long ago I would wait at least a few days before you cast a spell on it they might remember you. If you are able to search around with recommended people or everyone on the website that might do although it might take a long time to find them, I don't really think there is a spell to find a friend online.

I wish you the best of luck on finding them!

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Re: Lost friend spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You could try some type of memory spell [if you believe they're possible] or meditation to help remember. [A skrying might be helpful]

Spell wise I'm not too sure since this person might be in the same boat as you, but perhaps a call to the wind. It's out of Scott Cunningham's Earth Magic [it's at home so I'll message you when I have a minute] it's suppose to send a message [or at least make the person think of contacting you] but I don't know how well it would work.
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Re: Lost friend spell?
Post # 5
Thank all for your wonderfull suggestions!
It was someone I met on this site. We inboxed a few times but for some reason the emails have disappeared. Unfortunately I was going thru a pretty stressful situation and I never focused on the persons name to commit it to memory. I kinda fell terrible about it. Its not like me to be so self absorbed. I will definitely give these ideas a try. Thank you all again.
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