I cast a spell.

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> I cast a spell.

I cast a spell.
Post # 1
I tried casting a see the past spell. It did not work.

The ingredients were:

a glass of water

I first put the sugar and then I put the pepper. I didn't see my past after I said the spell till the water was poured halfway.
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Re: I cast a spell.
Post # 2
Of course a spell like that didn't work, you cannot time travel with any spell to go to any other world, period.

I'm sorry if you did not get the answer you were looking for.

The only way to really "see" it is to go in museums and look at some of the things they had from the past history works, too.

I am very sorry if this came out as 'rude' to you. But there are many things in magick that can and cannot work.

I hoped this helped!

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Re: I cast a spell.
By: / Novice
Post # 3

For future reference, a spell takes more than a few ingredients and words to work, it is about energy, intent, practice and patience. Words and ingredients are not required in spells, these are added extras to help you focus or add correspondences into a spell.

How much do you already know about magic?

Although I don't see how this spell could possibly work, the past is in the past and there is so much information, easily accessible about the past for free on the internet; I would hate to see you try a legitimate spell and fail because you are not understanding what is necessary for spells and the basics of what spells are ad how they function.

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Re: I cast a spell.
Post # 4
Um...the OP didn't mention trying to time travel. Nor is time travel entirely impossible. Time is a malleable thing for spirits, and on the astral plane, you can indeed go to the past. Though not alter it, any more than you can alter the present while astral projecting.

This is also the reason a lot of astral projection experiments fail. You leave a red marker, the person reports seeing blue, you consider it a failure. In like a week, you forget about the experiment and leave a blue one. The person succeeded in projecting, they simply ended up accidentally in the future. Time should adjust as you practice OBEs more.

With that in mind, this spell is aimed at scrying, and just casting it won't work for you unless you actually scry into the water.

Now, scrying into water is obviously something that has to be learned individually, so this isn't really a spell per say but meh, labels.

You can probably find a scrying tutorial somewhere on here.
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Re: I cast a spell.
Post # 5
No, my intent was not to time travel. It was simply to see what happened in my past.
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Re: I cast a spell.
Post # 6
first tell me why you use all this stuff?
in spell enery items need a meaning for the spell.
for ex:
red candle-love spell, cause red is love color.
what is the connection with water and see the past?

anyway, i dont think spell can show you the past, maybe fortune telling, but show the past...
it is too strong of uor life.

re me for more help.

~bless be~
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Re: I cast a spell.
By: / Novice
Post # 7
that's not a spell, you wish to skry, there's a difference.

you can skry with water, but there are many ways to do it [crystal ball, black mirror, candle flame, smoke] one most use is a black mirror. basically you need to get into a meditative state, think of the thing in question [example 'show me a past life'] the gaze into the mirror [look beyond the reflection. kind of like one of those magic eye pictures] as you gaze with a calm mind you should begin to see images. it could be a full vision but it'll most likely be little things like a hat, a spoon, a word, maybe a smokey haze. skrying is like any divination, it takes time and practice. if you want to see a past life you can try other options like meditation, as you go deeper you might see past lives. dreams can sometimes show the past. you could also try things like tarot readings or pendulum working if you have a specific question you want to ask your past self. of course with any of these you need practice.

word of advise for any future spells, you might consider researching the ingredients to see if they possess any qualities that would work with the spell. [pepper can be used in curses but also to protect oneself, while sugar is used in love, friendship and other spell where you need to 'sweeten' the person. herbs that help with psychic or clairvoyance would be better if you're hoping to view a past life]
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Re: I cast a spell.
Post # 8
You can't always see your past lifetimes. That spell seemed fake. But yes, it is possible. It is possible through meditation though or Astral Projection, 'cause in order to see them you have to access your subconsious...
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