Is it possible?

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Is it possible?
Post # 1
Recently I want to defeat love rival.
And I have his photo.

Now I am going to cast a magic so that I can control his thoughts and make him leave away from my girlfriend.

Here are my procedure:
1.) Choose a full moon night. wash my body and sit in a dark place
2.) wash the black candle and plastic white gems with distilled water.
3.) Light the candle and put the gems around it.
4.) Cut out a human-shaped from the cardboard.
5.) Stick my rival's photo on that cardboard.
6.) Burn the cardboard with the candle flame.
7.) Visualize the ideal result
8.) Snuff the fire with great amount of distilled water.
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Re: Is it possible?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

You won't be able to control his thoughts, but you might be able to make him leave your girlfriend alone.

Is your girlfriend even interested in this other person, though? Is he harassing her? Did she say it was okay for you to do this?

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Re: Is it possible?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

If you trust your girlfriend, you don't need to do it.

As stated above, you can not control someone's thoughts. You can cast a " go away " spell, it'll be just as effective.

If your " rival " isn't doing anything bad, such has harassing her and stuff, you don't need to go overboard and curse or something. A simple " go away " spell will make him leave.

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Re: Is it possible?
Post # 4
In my personal experience, it is more than possible to control someone's thoughts. Sometimes into alarmingly specific levels. At the very least, implant thoughts into their minds that they will seemingly wake up with, to make them act by your will. It's the kind of covert manipulation that falls into the same box as most advertising, and body language really.

However, the ritual you describe has too much of a curse's structure. I would suggest you put a binding spell on the other guy, and go from there. Maybe with the mind control, but other doors may possibly open and the binding spell may be enough.

As for how to perform the binding spell, it is actually fairly simple. If you need a number, 9. If you need a color, red. And if you need a spirit, Hecate.

Incorporate those how you will. Create a poppet of your target, out of anything you please. I suggest getting a picture printed out. Get a long piece of red yarn and wrap it nine times around, whispering, ''you are bound.''

As you do this, within your head visualize the man being wrapped astrally in long red chains, that tighten each time he tries to slip out of them. Keep binding him, each time with more will.

Then you may wish to gaze into the bound poppet and visualize the desired outcome.

Flood it with emotion, exhaust all of your feelings, and come out of the ritual confident that the obstacle has basically been removed. Hide the poppet somewhere, and forget about it entirely. When the working has given the desired results, burn it or bury it.

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Re: Is it possible?
Post # 5
Is more cursing rituals represent the cursing effect is stronger?
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Re: Is it possible?
Post # 6
It is possible. however, I strongly recommend against any type of mind control as it could damage the target mentally if done incorrectly. i suggest useing a more subtle spell such as a ?go away? spell as it would more than enough serve your needs.
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Re: Is it possible?
Post # 7
No, more cursing does not mean better cursing. It's like sending two missiles and watching them annihilate each other, and quite possibly you.

Attachment is a messy thing, that keeps you bound at best, and kills you at worst.
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Re: Is it possible?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
sounds like an ok first draft for a spell, but there's still work to be done [do agree with Zelotar about how you can improve the spell] personally, i do not believe you can control anothers thoughts, but you can influence them. that said this does sound more curse oriented and less banishing since you wish for him to leave your girlfriend alone and not, say, be burned alive as you are planning to do with his representation [always think of ways a spell could backfire just in case] that said, you should also look at your girlfriend, has she ever given you reason to doubt her loyalty? i understand a perceived threat, but you could look at things another way and focus on your relationship and bond. just suggestions though, do what you feel is best.
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