Worked a spell and...well

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Worked a spell and...well

Worked a spell and...well
Post # 1
So I enjoy charming things, there's just something comforting about having an object that's been magically imbued to hold in a time of need. My husband agrees and has a charmed item or two of his own.

To the point though, see I've been on a charming spree of sorts since we're going through a bit of a rough patch. I charmed on item, then this morning I charmed a dollar coin (twas a gold coin if it matters.) for help with money. After I cast the spell and was letting the magic set in.

I began feeling like I was floating, the coin was burning and I felt like I was dreaming sort of. Though I was very awake as I could tell by the construction sounds outside my open window. I can't remember a single thing I saw while this was happening and the coin was ice cold when I put it down.
I feel a little loopy and my head hurts a little bit.

What did I do?
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Re: Worked a spell and...well
Post # 2
There are many answers to this but im going to throw out the most reasonable i could think of.

You were hallucinating. Incase you dont know what that means hallucinating is an experience of a seemingly real perception of something not actually present, typically as a result of a mental disorder or of taking drugs. By drugs i mean medications for instance. It could be you are not sleeping enough too. Or worse it could mean you have a mental disorder and need a doctor. But dont freak out.

I recommend you see a professional psychiatrist for a while and telling them your history of medications, your health conditions etc. But only do that if you trust them. If they prescribe a medication to you then you SHOULD take it to feel betterl

Im not saying or implying your crazy but maybe you need more rest, less stress or a psychiatrist. So i hope i helped you. Bye,,,

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Re: Worked a spell and...well
By: / Novice
Post # 3
sounds to me like you used too much energy. try taking a breather from spell casting for a while so your body can recharge a bit. [you might of also used some of your bodys energy and not the energy around you] give yourself a week, do some energy work [charging, centering, grounding] but avoid any charms for a bit. it's like lifting the same weights every day for a month, eventually you will need to rest to build the muscles.
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Re: Worked a spell and...well
Post # 4
I'm not on meds nor have I been for years. My sleeping pattern hasn't changed and I'm getting more than enough recommended for my age group. My stress level isn't higher than usual and I do have a mental disorder (Two actually) but I've lived with them for longer than I've practiced magic and have never had any unusual side effects.

That's sort of what my husband said. I'm going to just leave it alone for a little while and see if when I pick it back up in a couple of weeks if anything unusual happens again.
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