I Need To become a Horse

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I Need To become a Horse
Post # 1
My grandfather needs a new horse, but has not been able to find one in the past year. I am not happy being human and would like to become a horse, I don't care if it's permanent, don't care if it's painful. As long as it's fast and I become a horse I'm happy.

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 2

No, you cannot become a horse. Spells cannot change your DNA. You are a human and always wil be.

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 3
Funniest thing ive heard in a while cx

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 4
Yea and i wanna become a fox

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 5
... this is one of the main reasons why people join the craft. to get their silly desires. it's pathetic.

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 6
I'm afraid I don't think you can become a horse permanently, though it'd be great, I'm sure if you searched long and hard enough around the website you can find a real spell to turn yourself into an animal. Though unfortunately horse spells are rare as mostly people create spells for Wolves, cats or foxes.

Re: I Need To become a Horse
Post # 7
I also forgot to add, don't listen to all these haters calling you a fool. I believe anything is possible if you try hard enough, and I understand why you hate being a human because I do too.

Re: I Need To become a Horse
By: / Novice
Post # 8

There's a difference between "being a hater" and applying logic based on our current understanding of physical reality based in the sciences. A lot of people have come to understand that magic does not contradict science, rather that it can be something seen alongside it that influences paths of actions; physical energy is needed to make physical change and this is of sciences' domains; subtle (nonphysical) energy is needed for subtle change to occur.

Take for example the beliefs of animism, "As Above, So Below," and subtle body theory. These beliefs are not intrinsic to one another, but complement each in such a way that they are compatible enough to form an understanding of how reality works. Animism is the belief that every physical object or being has a soul or a spirit (essentially a subtle body) while the saying "As Above, So Below" is the belief that every physical energy has a subtle energy counterpart and that affecting one will affect the other (keeping in mind that one does not "override" the other, rather working in tandem). Subtle body theory states that we have bodies in all planes of existence (as an example, we have physical, etheric, astral, etc. bodies existing within the same general space).

Each of those beliefs work on the fact that physical energy is present for physical change to occur, which still "allows" (so to speak) for science to be observed. The reason these beliefs are considered legitimate, even if they are not universal, is because science still has a role in them. We cannot make claims of physical change to the level of biological transformation without having proof... which no one has provided, which means it will be contested until evidence is brought forth.

The reason spiritual beliefs aren't contested the same way as physical claims of grandeur is because we cannot isolate all of the variables in order to conclude them as facts or falsehoods. Why can't we isolate the variables? Because we cannot accurately measure subtle energy the way we can accurately measure physical energy to even begin testing for in/validity.

We, referring to people in general, have the understanding that we don't know everything there is to know, which can lead to claims like "anything is possible," This becomes problematic when said belief overrides all of the tools at our disposal that can be used to develop our knowledge and understanding and there are plenty of those literally at our fingertips. In conclusion of this point - if one is to make a claim of physical transmutation, they have to be prepared to test it scientifically and in a safe manner, which most folk aren't equipped to do (at least, safely).Until they are proved valid, beliefs in that area are going to be dismissed.

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