Wiccan Teacher Needed

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Wiccan Teacher Needed
Post # 1
Hi I'm Sara and I have recently decided to follow the Wiccan path. However I need a teacher to help me along this path. I want someone who knows what they are talking about and has Wiccan experience. They should also know that I am only interested in white magic, I am not a black magic person. Please tell me your experience so I can consider you as a teacher.
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Re: Wiccan Teacher Needed
Post # 2
Am interested in white magic
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Re: Wiccan Teacher Needed
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well first point, magick is in fact a neutral energy, it is the intent of the caster that gives it a positive [white] or negative [black] charge. it is also noteworthy that while magick has no colour, you will find many shades of grey with spells as a spell on the surface might seem 'good' can easily become 'bad' once you dive a little deeper. a job spell means you get hired, but at the cost of another who applied. a wealth spell lets you find 20$ on the street, but only because someone else lost it. you can argue karma punished that person and rewarded you, but it could also be a child running to school with their weekly lunch money only for it to fall out of their pocket.

secondly, few people teach magick/wicca/witchcraft especially online. this is a very hands on path and it's difficult to teach through a computer [not to mention it is illegal in most places to teach a minor a different religion without parental consent]

best bet for you is to find a local coven that is willing to help [see for information] failing that you should find a beginners guide by a reputable author [i always recommend Raymond Buckland as he was my first author, but many also go with Scott Cunningham. poke around there's many book recommendation. check out the pinned forums in this sections, you'll find a plethora of information] you can also join a coven on here that teaches Wicca, or you can study and ask questions on these forums when you get stuck.
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