Succubi removal

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Succubi removal
Post # 1
Hello to all...
I recently found out that the 4 succubi living with me want to kill me.They have been with me a little over 2 years now since I held a ritual to have only 1. I thought I seen no results so I did the ritual 3 more times. Then with a vengeance all 4 were there. I did this because I was framed for a crime and was advised I would be in prison for at least 35 years.Turns out throught intense investigation I was found not guilty.Lately these 4 spirits have been very intense and after asking for them to guide my hand on a keyboard to spell out their names they spelled out "WE KILL YOU" So now in fear for my life I need someones help in removing them from my life. This is no joke or any kind of a hoax I am for real and seek help!
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Re: Succubi removal
By: / Novice
Post # 2
*facepalm* you did a summoning 4 times because you thought it didn't work? well i hope you learned a valuable lesson at least.

i'm no expert on demons so i can't provide you with a succubi specific banishment, [but you should of researched how to do that before summoning one for this very reason] try some strong cleansings and protections of yourself and your home. you should charge energy and focus, specify you want the succubus out of your home and never to return. [of course if you can't sense there presence i'm not sure how well you can banish them. i highly recommend finding others who can help you. perhaps contact a willing priest] burn sage, sprinkle sea salt on the doorways and windowsills, hang protection charms above the doors and windows, anoint doors and windows with protection oil [you might also consider using some on mirrors as some cultures believe they can be used as doors for spiritual beings] and be sure to cleanse and protect yourself. you can have a sea salt bath and wear a protection charm. i would also try daily shielding and energy work to help you sense energy better. [you should also get into a regular routine of cleansing and protecting especially for the next couple weeks/months depending on how strong these 4 are and how well you cast]
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Re: Succubi removal
Post # 3
Mail me dude I ca help you
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Re: Succubi removal
Post # 4
Zelotar would be a good person to talk to - he's very knowledgable on the subject.
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