Understanding "Magik"

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Understanding "Magik"
Post # 1
I Will Get right to the point, I Have Been Around Very Spiritual People in My Life since i was Young, And i was always told that Magik was evil/satanism.

Now i am 21 years old, and i have moved away from my family.Recently i had Made a new friend, and she re-opened everything i had ran away from. She told me that Magik was not evil,and that only the people themselves were evil that used it the wrong way.

I will not lie, I told her that she was wrong and that, my parents wouldn't lie to me, I Told her She was Crazy to believe in Magik,and that she should do More productive things in her life. now i feel as though i have done something terribly wrong, and i wish to apologize for what i have said. I want to understand her,but i do not even know what Magik is.Or what it entails. I have tried countless times to try and get her to explain to me, but she would always tell met that it was not something to be done haphazardly, and that u need time,patience and experience. I felt as though if i Had a better understanding of what Magik was Maybe she would take me more seriously,she would show me what it is i am not capable of doing.

I know this inst the best thing to be asking Strangers,But i have no one else to ask. i would ask my family,But they see Magik as Devil Worship. I dont Believe that is the case,so i wish to Know once and For all what it really is.

I Understand that This is not something to Just Pick up and Do,But i am not asking for spells/Rituals, I just want to understand what she is understanding. If i finally understand i May Learn and further my knowledge, For I feel that Fate Is Pushing me Towards this fate,And Even my Family Could not stop it.

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Re: Understanding "Magik"
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Many christians see magic as wrong and from the devil (other people and religions do as well, I'm just assuming). What you have to understand is that is simply a matter of belief. Just because they believe it to be evil, doesn't necissarily mean it's evil. They aren't lying to you, they are simply telling you what they believe to be true. Your friend on the other hand, probably practices magic and has some experience with it. She believes that is isn't inherently evil. She believes that it's good. It is a matter of opinion and a matter of belief. You will have to do some self introspection and figure out what you believe, though I have to insist that you do some study on it as well.

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Re: Understanding "Magik"
Post # 3
Thank You for the quick response.

As u said My family is Christian,And they raised me as such.But they believe in Magik,And thoroughly taut me what it can do.

But i Do not understand Why they would tell me so,If they use it themselves.Now that i am Older i Realize that Most of the trips they took me on as a Young Boy,They Were Actively Using Banishing Magik. I have done research and i Clearly Remember the Rituals that were used,the words spoken,Yet i Understand Now why they would tell me it is Dangerous.

And Yes I am actively Doing research on Spiritual Magik,Though I understand it is Mainly About Belief in oneself, I do Not believe i am ready to try Any of what i have researched for myself. From what i have been Reading and studying, Spiritual Magik is very Dangerous if it fails, so i wish to keep my life intact.Though i will keep Researching further, As i am truthfully Intrigued by what was kept form me for so long.I understand the Risks of such a venture, so i will continue to Study,(as i have mass amounts of time on my hands) But thank you,Nevertheless for your input, I will study hard so that i can understand what it is i am missing.

Though i still do not understand this belief, i will meditate on it,and hopefully come to a conclusion.

Regards, Raymond.
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Re: Understanding "Magik"
Post # 4
Part of the thing with the banishing rituals they did versus the magic they were warning you away from is that they probably didn't think of those as magic so much. They were probably looking at it as more a prayer thing, asking God to do the thing, and the ritual was probably passed down as such rather than as magic. It's a kind of disconnect a lot of people have.
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Re: Understanding Magik"
Post # 5
Well, I know other people will have different opinions and answers about this, I'll be telling you mine. To start you off. Magick is something that involves energy and the universe. You can do a lot more than just spells with it, even though this website is called "Spells of Magic".
Here are just some of the types: Candle Magick, Crystal/Stone Magick, Elemental Magick, Knot Magick, and I'm cutting the last one with Healing Magick, you can learn more by exploring this site.
Things you should know before using Magick: You cannot turn your body into different creatures with magick for example a mermaid, fairy, any of that. Most of the Fantasy spells section does not work. But to better assist you Lark made a topic on how to make your own spell, just make sure it's realistic and it has more connection then, there are articles to find out more about this site.

I hope this helped!
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Re: Understanding "Magik"
Post # 6
I understand the confusion as I came from a Christian family where I was taught the same thing. The first thing you should know is that magick is not just stirring things in a cauldron and chanting something. Magick is also when a community prays for someone to get better. Magick is anytime you harness the energy in the universe around you and will it to do what you want it to. It is a work of will, intent, and belief. Prayer is a magic in its own because you're willing something to happen and believing Spirit will help. Wicca is not a disbelief in God or a different God, it's a different path to the same God and the belief that God has a masculine and a feminine side.

Magick is not inherently evil, but there is a reason why you were taught that. Originally when the Church wanted to gain power, they had to get as many Pagans as possible to run to Christianity in fear. Christianity is a fear-based religion. If you're told you'll go to hell for being curious about other paths, you won't stray. You've probably also been told that the Bible warns against witchcraft, but this wasn't always so. One verse in the Old Testament originally read "Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live" but church leaders decided they wanted to target witches so they changed the scripture to "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". During the Dark Ages, these male church leaders executed over two million innocent people, mainly women and children. Christianity has always used fear to gain power. They tell you witches worship Satan and magick is evil so you'll cling to their church. Witches don't believe in Satan and magick is not inherently evil.
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Re: Understanding "Magik"
Post # 7
Its true. Magick is powerful, if anyone misues then its usually that person's responsibility. Hopefully we can try to make friends with other people and use it for good measure
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