Is this possible?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Is this possible?

Is this possible?
Post # 1
Hi everyone:)
I was wondering, is it possible for anyone to tell you who your soul mate is, by looking at a chart or something? If so, how do they do it? Well, I hope to hear from you soon:)!
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Re: Is this possible?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Nope. In fact, there is not even a clear and precise universal understanding of soul mate.
Some believe your soul mate is the twin of your soul, when one is alive, the other is not.
Some believe it is the 'love of your life'.
Some believe it is a myth.
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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 3
If you mean your destined lover.. Yes..
Many seers can say exactly who and where your destined lover is located.. They might bot have the true picture... But they can at least point out.. For instance at a spiritual summit in bhuma in 2011.. There was a presentation of paper on spiritualisation and love twin.. That paper sought to explain your question..
It is a possibility..
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Re: Is this possible?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

'Destined Lover' well, ain't that a spit in the face. No such thing.

Methods for divining love and procuring it have been used for centuries. However, is there a concerete method to finding out, who, when, where? No, there is not.

Many people can claim they can do this, how do you think a lot of Cunning-Folk made their wares more attractive? Offer divinations and love spells.

Soul Mates, it's a bit more than your 'Hubby' or 'Wifey', and most people don't really understand what it means - you could have a best friend that is your soul mate, but doesn't mean they would marry you and have a big bubbly family.

Actually do research on the subject of Soul Mates, and while you're at it, focus on yourself - not who may or may not be your 'True Love'...blegh.

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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 5
First off, the person who is your "soul mate" is something for you to decide. This is reality, and in reality nobody can ever really tell you who loves you. No matter how much psychics we have in the world it will not be

And also there is no such thing as a soulmate. Just as much as werewolves, dragons and fairies dont exist a soul mate is just a myth. All you should be doing if you want a romantic relationship to its best is dating a bunch of guys/girls until you find the right one.

Notice i said the right one and not the perfect one. The idea of a soulmate is a perfect relationship where nothing goes wrong. That cant even happen in movies so think about it. Because it just doesnt make sense.

Also, if you're spending money right now for psychics to tell you who you love based on a chart which im guessing is what brought you to ask this question, you should stop. A chart cannot tell you who you really love. Its just not possible.

If you do want to find the right guy/girl, then like most other people you date a bunch of people and choose the right one. Im sorry but thats how it is.
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Re: Is this possible?
Post # 6
I agree with Jay.

And...I think that it does nothing but create to high expectations to the point that no one will be right for one can live up to any list of'll never be completely happy.

Just let the other be them and you be me,and I've been with my wife for 17 years.what we have compared to other the other girls I've dated,is that we had more things in common.was my wife really the person I wanted to be with?no. was she the person I needed to be with? Yes!

That to me is one thing you should try and figure out.

But the idea of soul mates and twin flames sounds so romantic.doesn't it?
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