Help with Custody Battle

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Help with Custody Battle
Post # 1

I'm new to the board, and I am interested in educating myself about the possibilities of using magic to help to get my son back from his ex and his family, who were emotionally abusive towards me, and in the case of my ex's father, physically abusive.

If you don't know what gaslighting is, please read here:

Unfortunately gaslighting is a pattern I have repeated in my relationships through my life, which I am only just now fully aware of and fixing. My ex eroded my sanity over the course of our relationship. Despite this, I was always amazing with our son, who is now 2. I was always gentle, warm, and loving with my son, never hitting him, and just letting him be himself rather than raising him in this box that is "normal". My ex on the other hand tends to meet frustration with frustration. Both with me and my son.

Through our fights, he roped his parents and the law onto his side, and now I am having to fight to get my son back. They claim I was throwing "temper tantrums", but they leave out the fact that these were my reaction to being trapped in a toxic marriage. If my ex was going to let his father hit me, he might as well have hit me.

Things are looking up, but still, it's looking like the soonest he can come home to me for 50% of the time is October. Considering I have seen his grandfather hit his other grandson, October is no where soon enough. 5 minutes from now is no where soon enough.

So, what are my options, with white magic, to protect my son, bring him back to me, and win the custody battle? I am not interested in using magic for revenge, only for protection for my son and I.

Thanks for your help! If you have an extra minute, you can also give us some slightly less magical but still helpful fuel for our battle, by signing our petition:
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Re: Help with Custody Battle
By: / Novice
Post # 2

To help you win your custody battle this spell may work:

You can always cast a goodluck spell on yourself too, to give a boost in your favor.

Unfortunately there is no spell that will protect your son from physical atacks.
You can, however, charm a piece of jewlery with good luck, it won't protect him physically but it can avoid physical atacks. .

You can say it's his personal lucky charm.

I wish you the best of luck. I'll gladly sign your petition and share it.

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Re: Help with Custody Battle
Post # 3
This was hard to read. I'm sorry. I'm no good with spells or rituals, but I'm good on a keyboard. I'll sign your petition. :) It's a small way to help you. I hope you get your son back and keep him safe. Blessings upon you and your family.
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Re: Help with Custody Battle
Post # 4
i hope you get your son back :)
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