definition of a bad day

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definition of a bad day
Post # 1
Alright so i dont know at this stage but im a pretty lucky guy but today ive never had as much bad luck as ive ever had come to me before and no messing today was downright bad since the moment i got up till I started typing this
first I was preparing a cigarette it took me half an hour to make one after constantly failing and now you may think that im just getting the grip of it but in reality ive been doing this for 2 years without trouble and honestly I cant explain the logic behind it
second I was getting something in the bathroom when i spotted a cobweb and im not joking it was literally in the shape of a sad face I can even send a picture
third my mother was acting too weird and i wont get into what she was doing but it was pretty freaky
fourth she also promised me we would be going into town tomorrow but that changed when she said I wouldnt be going in till Saturday
fifth I was ordering chips and I asked for salt and vineger eventually it came and it didnt have salt and vinegar and thats the first time it has ever happened
sixth i was playing with my lighter and it fell on the keyboard and it made my computer restart and i had a TONE of progress I hadnt saved
seventh i just found out my credit card was turned off FOR NO REASON
eight i went to play my xbox ,I usually go on it to play dragon age and about 2 days ago i made a new game and made alot of progress when i went on it today i just found out that the save file got corrupted
ninth i made tea with some toast when i brought it up to drink in my room it was cold, HOW DOES TEA GET COLD IN 10 SECONDS
tenth I put on my shoes when the leather on top part of my shoe literally bursted open , now i need new shoes
eleventh I was getting milk to drink in the kitchen from the small fridge and we have like this small rail thing that comes out and hangs over the inside of the fridge door so you can put whatever against it , yeah that was snapped
ok so that just about whats happened but ive come to this stage where i dont know if its a curse or whatever but i know its happened too much and many times for it to be a coincidence anyways what do you guys think
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Re: definition of a bad day
Post # 2

Unless this continues, it could be a coincidence.

If it does continue:

Think of people you know in your life. Do any of them have the knowledge to curse you? Have you done anything to anger these people?

If the answer is yes to both of those questions, take defensive measures.

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Re: definition of a bad day
Post # 3
alright then what protection should i use
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Re: definition of a bad day
Post # 4
To be fair, astrological stuff could be at work here; newspaper horoscopes are very vague and more than likely faked or at best amateurish, but that doesn't mean that the giant spinning magnets in the nearby sky don't have an affect on stuff down here so it'd be worth checking that out, by way of protection, burning a black candle down all the way (I throw the stub in a fire too, get rid of it all) helps to clear negativity of all kinds, including bad luck, and then a good, long, strong meditation, visualising a protective shield of light around you does wonders. While doing this you could also hold a protective stone/crystal or personal/diety talisman of some sort in your hands and envision the protective energy flowing into it as well, and being stored there to carry with you the rest of the time :)
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