Familiar help.

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Familiar help.
Post # 1
I've tried all familiar spells and got nothing in return. i've waited and waited but to no avail.
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Re: Familiar help.
Post # 2
Have you set your sights on a specific familiar? This might be your problem. You may have been presented with several options from your attempts, however, if you are expecting your familiar to look or be a specific being, you will surely be disappointed. Look back over the last spells you have cast and see if anything showed up may have been a butterfly, frog or cricket.
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Re: Familiar help.
Post # 3
thankyou. i will try again and look closely. I have also tried the summon a cat familiar one and so far, nothing. Advice?
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Re: Familiar help.
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I've said this once, I'll say it again.

Familiars are not physical creatures, they are spirits that Aid a Witch in their practice, generally they appear in animal 'form' which is part of what lead to the legends of Witches having a pet that would fly around the town at night, harming innocent villagers and drinking blood to feed a Witch and all kinds of fun things.

Familiars can be 'obtained' in a variety of ways - I may make a post on this in the future.

Coven Given - as in your Coven or Gathering would give you access too a group familiar or would help you obtain one when you're ready.

Born With - This more falls under Fetches, which is another kind of personal spirit of a Witch, essentially the same thing with a few distinct differences. Essentially when you're born, the Familiar is born with you.

'Summoned' - you can reach out to the Otherside for a spirit to form a working relationship with.

They find you - They will turn up, almost out of the blue and pretty much go 'I want to work with you'.

Just because you want a Familiar doesn't mean you'll ever get one, some Witches never have a familiar in their life, some have more than one, it's just how it is.

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