Popular Werewolf Spell

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Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 1
"From the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life to the evolution of man, I shall be reawakened as one with the land."

I see this spell a lot on this site and I wonder if anybody has had success using it. I need answers from those who really tried this and/or believe in the art of shape shifting. People say it really works but I'm not sure so I was just curious.

Blessing be with you

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Werewolves are not real. This spell will only waste your time and you energy.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 3

Shapeshifting is impossible. Some people believe that one can shapeshift on the astral plane, however.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 4
Would not call it a waste of time. Simply misguided.

''There is a beast in man that must be exercised, not exorcised.''

As Anton LaVey put it.

THe idea of ''werewolves'' these days is similar, and related to psychic vampirism, and the two overlap quite a bit. And yes, I am referring to shape shifting on the astral plane.

So, yes, it is possible to astral project, become a wolf-like monster, losing control, etc. The full moon has a weird effect on humans in general.

So it's much more complex than just saying a bunch of magic words and turning into a monster.

The prerequisites include astral projection, psychic vampirism(not 100% about this one), strong visualization skills.

The guidance of a spirit in these matters is more than advised. Qlipphotic spirits from the spheres of Lilith and Gamael, like Lilith herself, Naamah, and others are good, but a variety of other entities can help, like Marinette des Pieds Seches.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
as mentioned, this spell will not work. magick is a neutral energy found in nature, when you cast a spell you charge this neutral energy into your body, directing it on a path [giving it a positive or negative charge in the process] to bring a desired change into your life. magick only effects energy, and is bound by the laws of nature. you are human, and as a human you cannot become another creature. a spell therefore cannot contradict nature and transform you into a werewolf. spells are subtle and can help you when you're in need, but they are not like hollywood portrays them.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 6
Werewolves are not real they are fictional, end of story

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 7

Cute but that ain't gonna work.. To be logic a woman and a wolf makes a baby and boom a werewolf.. No just joking but you're human and always will.

Who doesn't wanna be a werewolf it would be awesome but this is reality and in this reality werewolf is just another fairytale.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Real magick cannot change your dna in any way, shape, or forum. You cannot grow wings, you cannot change your gender (without surgery), you cannot become a mermaid, or vampire, or werewolf, or fairy, or dragon, or demigod, or demon. You are human, and you will always be human until the day you die.

Re: Popular Werewolf Spell
Post # 9
Look up the real beast of Gevaudan and there is plenty of facts to back it up. So simple that is a fact for debate

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