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Dreams - Help
Post # 1
I am not very good when it comes to dream interpretation, and was wondering if ( you are reading this ), if you can help me interpret this dream ( I want to point out that it is not a nightmare & I've had weird dreams like this since I put a dream catcher above my bed. I normally dream once a week, but since it's been up I've had a dream at least once a night ).
The Dream :
I was walking out of a forest towards my old town that I grew up in and made my way to the high school and followed that road to a bunch of trees that was at the edge of a river and forest. I walked along the river when people came and I showed them the different trees and if they climbed the trees and looked down into the narled branches they could see a whole other world. I climbed the tree and jumped to the other one, and we made our way down the river by doing that, when I felt like I had awoken from a dream ( Disclaimer I'm still in my dream - just felt like I woke from one ). I was back at my old house and was talking with my grandmother, then felt again like I was waking up from a dream, to find myself laying on the ground in the forest , there's a tree stump in front of me with a paper pined to it with the name Gia written on the paper. I am then walking with my grandmother around the woods when we find an old tent that looks covered in moss. A women and her two young daughters come out, the daughters offer my grandmother food and the moon asked if they were bothering us. We said no when she told me that she works for Gia. I said I new and I know what Gia wants and she can have my body .

~ That was my dream. I don't know anyone or anything by that name ( not that I am aware of ). I have no clue what to make of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Dreams - Help
Post # 2
That is some dream you had. I'd love to interpret it for you but the fact is each dream is unique to the person who dreams it. The interpretation has to come from you. One way to do this is to try and remember how you felt during each bit of the Dream. Another way is to ask yourself questions regarding it every time before you sleep until you find your answers.
For example: What were your feelings towards the trees that you were talking about?
Did the people want to know about the trees or were you volunteering information?
Your old town, old home, grandma and high school probably connects to a period of time in your life that means something significant to you. What is it?
Was the tree stump the same as the one you climbed before? What did you feel when you saw it was just a stump?
What did you feel when you saw the name Gia?
What did you feel about Gia in the dream?
What did you feel about the woman and her daughters?
What does the moon normally mean to you?

So you get the gist... You will have to slowly figure it out. Other people might be able to help but don't believe everything you hear about unless it rings true in your heart.

I asked my medicine cards for a spirit animal to guide you with this interpretation. The Horse showed up suggesting that you have the power you need. You need to believe in yourself. Also there is a chance that whatever you are enthusiastic/passionate about at the moment might hold the key . So follow it and see where it leads you.
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Re: Dreams - Help
Post # 3
Thank you soooooooo much. The funny thing is, I didn't really feel anything, when I think about it, there's no feeling. I know what you mean by the town were I grew up & my old home, it's the only place that was constant in my life , and I didn't feel like I was running when I was there.
Also, thank you for going to your medicine cards for me :)
Really helped
( Plus, what you said about the horse guiding me and how it is, is actually pretty much what's going on )
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