Divination methods

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Divination methods

Divination methods
Post # 1
Hello. I was just wondering, what are some methods of divination that some people on this site like to use?

Personally, I use tarot, rune casting, crystal ball, scrying mirror, and pendulum.
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Re: Divination methods
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Most often i go to tarot and cartomancy, though use runes, oracle cards, iching, pendulum, and scrying alot as a part of my practice. Ive also been know to do dream readings, omen reading, geomancy, tea leave readings, and i made a special bottle cap oracle that inlike tonuse.

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Re: Divination methods
Post # 3
I've enjoyed using the practice of water scrying for some years now. I've had time to develop and cater it to my own needs and likes. It's also relatively simple to incorporate essential oils to produce specific effects.

In the last months I've picked up fire scrying once again after some years of focusing on other practices, and it's actually surprising how easy it is to get out of the swing of things, but I'm finding my own momentum with it once again. When it comes to fire scrying I prefer to read the coals more than the flames.

I'm beginning to dabble with necromancy with more frequency since a loved one passed on and I've found the call to it too strong to resist. So far I'm still educating myself more than practicing it.

The other divination method I use is the runic method. I've carved symbols into pieces of pig bone to represent particular things. I don't use this method very often, but it's still one of my favourites because only I can make sense of the symbolism.

Besides that, if I'm looking for a "quick" and relatively "simple" answer, I never fail to turn to my tarot, oracle, or pendulum.

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Re: Divination methods
Post # 4
I enjoy scrying into fire.

Consulting with spirits, or Big Me, is easier a lot of the time than full divination.

I read Tarot, use pendulums, and am planning on making a shamanic circle soonish, as well as chicken bones.

I can scry into a mirrors, water, darkness, and a variety of other things, as well as use egg shells, blood, etc.

My own intuition is good enough of a divination device often,though, just plucking the information out of the universe.

Oftentimes I just have the right allies to tell me the right things.
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Re: Divination methods
Post # 5
I like using my pendulum, crystal ball, fire, and my oracle. I'm very new at it but I keep practicing
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