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Post # 1
My friend told me when I joined this I was breaking Gods law.

Now I believe the God of my understanding is God & Jesus.

Is this the right path IDK I have questions just like every path so I'm asking questions so I can learn.

What's the diffrence between black magic, white magic and occult arts, pagan and wiccan's ???

Isn't it basically all based on the same thing ???

Love, happiness and the truth ???

Am I wrong ??? IDK that's why I'm asking.

If I do a love spell does it eventually backfire and he will turn out to be a phycho stalker ???

If I do a financial spell will I have to pay to get wealth ??? Don't really want to be rivh just keep head above ground :p

Again I'm not trying to disrespect anyone I am here with a open mind to learn.

Thx Maggzz
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Post # 2
Black magic refers broadly to magic used to harm, and white used to help. This doesn't mean black magic is evil. To grow a garden, you need to protect it from weeds and inscects that would destroy it: as well as watering and nurturing it. Black can be necessary to protect yourself.

Pagan is a very loose term. It generally means someone who has religious beliefs outside of Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) but Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus and people of similar faiths don't always identify as pagan. It's a broad, vague term. It often refers to the worship of pre-christian forces.

Wicca is a religion. Not all Pagans are Wiccans, and Wiccans may identify as Pagan.

Occultic arts are a practice. People of any faith, or none at all, can practice them. Witchcraft is not tied to any specific belief system.

Practicing magic is not a betrayal of Christianity intrinsically. Plenty of people think verses like "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" actually mean something else. There is a lot of Christian themed magic, and even if you use a non Christian method it's not betrayal if you feel it's not often. Make your own path and your own way.

Love spells can backfire, but if it makes someone go psycho they had underlining problems already.

Financial spells can be odd things. If you only wish for enough to get by rather than wealth that should help you keep grounded. Remember, spells like that don't always work, and when they do, it can be at a time you didn't expect or a way you didn't suspect. They also are for help, they won't just make money appear a!lthe time and solve people's problems. Otherwise everyone here would be rich lol.

I hope this helps you, and I wish you well on your journey to understand magic.
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By: / Novice
Post # 3

Pagan is a blanket term like Christianity. Think of all the many different varried sections. So technically, wiccans are pagans. Pagans can vary from Hellenic Polytheists, Norse Heathenry, Eclectic Pagans, and so on and so forth.

"a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions."

Magick has no real color, only intent. The only point of using color is for sorting in a grimore where you catalog your spells. Example: Pink for love all put in one section. White for protection put in another. Black for curses to the back. Green for money to this side.

Spells backfiring depends on many things. One of which is the concept of karma. Which not everyone believes in. To believe in the threefold law or not is your choice. Other factors can be your knoweldge of what you are doing and how you go about it. Some would say there is a lesson to be learned on being specific. You might get what you ask but maybe not in the way you wanted it. Example: A covenmate did some workings for moving to a new house. It progressed things faster than expected. So she had to hurry and move out of her old place because the lease was up early.

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Post # 4
First magick is not a religion although many religious faiths like Wicca that you mention utilize magick as part of its path. It's a spirituality. The Roman Catholic Church does a lot of ritual in its practice that's certainly not considered demonic ect. But it's ritual none the less. Occult arts is another way to say magick and pagan as mentioned above is another way for saying non Abrahamic faiths. As far as white magick or magick (utilizing the natural aspects of the world along its natural paths and black magick using more unnatural means to accomplish something) is concerned that's really a matter of opinion. Some believe magick has no color.
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