Graveyards: safe or bad?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Graveyards: safe or bad?

Graveyards: safe or bad?
Post # 1
So, for a long time, I thought that graveyards were actually very safe places, because the ground was sanctified(did I use the right word?). But lately, as I start taking more things into consideration, I start to believe otherwise. I thought that even if the graveyard is sanctified, the graveyards often are full of energy that is not good, and certainly not positive. I mean think about it. People visit the graveyards only so that they can mourn or bury their relatives, at which occasion they will again mourn. The energy of mourning can be a very strong negative energy. Not only that, it is "produced" continuously and repeatedly at graveyards, because, well, ppl die. So, with that in mind...wouldn't negative spiritual entities be immensely attracted by all this negativity? In other words, wouldn't graveyards have at least some negative spirits?
However, I do not think that there are human spirits in graveyards. This is because when people die, their spirit instantly leaves their body, so it is released where these people die(most of the time, although I don't know why a soul wiuld tarry being inside its corpse but anyway).
What are your thoughts about this?
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Re: Graveyards: safe or bad?
Post # 2
Btw, replace the word sanctified with consecrated. Lol.
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Re: Graveyards: safe or bad?
Post # 3
Do you know if that graveyard was consecrated?
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Re: Graveyards: safe or bad?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Yes and no. There are graveyards that are full of negative energy, that's true. But there are also graveyards that have a less negative energy. It's normal though. Graveyards, like you said, are places that people come to mourn, to cry, to talk etc.. but it's always sad. That creates a more negative energy but it doesn't necessarily mean that the energy will attract evil spirits/beings.

There are graveyards that arerepelled with evil spirits and negativity wich makes people actually feel their presence and feel fear. But there are also graveyards that are repelled with spirits ( wich is normal ), but it's not exactly negative.

And Yes, mourning energy, sadness etc.. is a really strong negative energy, and evil spirits are normally drawn to it. It all depends on the spirits, the graveyard, the people that visit it etc..

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Re: Graveyards: safe or bad?
Post # 5
I guess that it depends on the circumstances, I guess..
Any more opinions about this?
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Re: Graveyards: safe or bad?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
People visit cemeteries for much more than mourning. They also go to remember and honor those who have passed, and after grieving, it can be a happy time. Some may also so to speak with the passed, since that's where the person's remains are; they use it as a sort of place to connect.

When someone dies, the love remains. Though it may not be possible to literally visit with the person, spending time at a grave site can be a happy time, though still often somber.

Some cemeteries -- especially those run y religious institutions -- may be consecrated. But that still makes them neither good not bad, necessarily.

I consider them much as anywhere else: They are what you make them. Since you mean spiritually safe or bad, then that is up to you. If you visit, do so with respect and it should be a safe experience. Someone else may have left something ill behind, energy-wise (or whatever, according to others' beliefs) but that's anywhere, and the reason people practice shielding and cleansing.
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