two questions?

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two questions?
Post # 1
1) I don't understand a lot of things happening in my life. Im,clueless and others tell me I'll learn as I age. Is that true or am I unaware of something? How do I figure out my situations?
2) I seen a set of numbers a week ago. I seen them again and their meaning is no relevance to me at the time? Idea? Numbers 3-4. The 3 is more dominant.
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Re: two questions?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
1. it's called life. i'm not entirely sure what you're referring to but i went through a period of my life where i felt confused, like i should be doing something but i didn't know what. [my teens were basically autopilot, someone said i should go to college, so i did, someone else said i should become a chef so i did. it wasn't until my 20's i stopped and realised i was lost] just keep going, it's not easy or fun, but it's the only way to get through this. meditation, mindfulness, journalling, these things helped me. i also read a lot and made lists [what i enjoy, what i want to do, what makes me happy, what i like about myself] i also began visiting various sites like TinyBuddha [still read that one] and focusing more on my faith, so i read more pagan books and watched more pagan youtubers [Kelly-Ann Maddox is a good one] you might have different alignments which is fine, the key is to take it one step at a time, keep moving forward instead of dwelling in the same spot. some days you might make a leap and feel great, others, a tiny step and feel useless, but you're still going in the right direction, so you'll be fine.

2. well i already gave you a brief interpretation of 34, 3 is a magic number in many cultures and religions, three can represent groups like maiden, mother, crone, father, son, holy ghost, mind, body, soul, or past, present and future. it can also mean 'third times a charm' if you've been working on something. three in dreams represents self-exploration and self-discovery as well. in your case, it probably means past, present, future and self-discovery.

i suggest spending time with your thoughts and journalling them. this can help you figure out this feeling and what to do about it.
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