Past Life Questions

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Past Life Questions
Post # 1
I did a past life meditation regression for the first time, and I didn't get to see a full picture of my past lives, only pieces or the ends of them. This is the best that I found out about three of them. During this, I had to walk to a door through a lighted tunnel to each past life, and it was so hard to do so. The first time I was forcing my feet through sand, the second time I had to forge through water, and the third time I fell through a black pit with vines eating my hands. Okay, this is what I saw:
-first lifetime: I only saw sand. I was in a desert somewhere, but with no one. I think I was in white clothing. 20 years later, I was in a different white outfit and was being beaten by someone I didn't see clearly. I was saying "Shandi" over and over, and then went to "sorry".
-second lifetime: I was immediately stabbed by a spear or sword when I stepped through the door. I was on a grassy plain, and there was a war or battle going on. I tried to get up, but I fell back over and felt myself die. I know I was a man with red hair, a beard, and green clothing with armor. 20 years later, I was at my grave. A woman in pink with her son or daughter was there. The only thing I remember feeling as a lesson was that it was my fault, that I was sorry for doing what I did. I remember screaming sorry a hundred times.
-my third life: I was in London as a woman in dark colors. I was on a cobblestone road. I was quickly strangled to death with a rope around my neck by someone. I never saw them, but I know they were dragging me away somewhere down the road. 20 years later, I was a skeleton on display for people to laugh and gawk at. The only lesson I remember learning was "I hate humanity".
Each time the part for forgiveness came in each lifetime, I couldn't say it: the first time sand filled my mouth, the second time I felt blood come up, and the third time I refused to forgive myself for the horrors I've committed.

What do you think I could have been?
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Re: Past Life Questions
Post # 2
I am curious as to why most people remember getting murdered in their past lives. It makes me wonder if people are using methods that give accurate results.

Anyway, the remembering of bits and pieces and ends are expected. The pieces that leave bigger impacts are usually the first things that surface.

Two of your three remembered experiences sound like lives in medieval-esque periods. The ways that you were killed, and the humiliation taken place such as laughing at your skeleton suggests the latter. I do not know what you were, but perhaps this is your fourth life, at least on Earth.
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Re: Past Life Questions
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Idog, it's probably an answer to your question that traumatic or significant events are remembered first. There may be a very traumatic event at death, even knowing that one is dying.
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Re: Past Life Questions
Post # 4
Yes, but with all the people who "remember" being murdered, you'd think that everyone was murdered in their past lives. That obviously is not the case. I'm not saying anyone is lying, I'm just being weary about believing it. That's all.
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Re: Past Life Questions
Post # 5
I've never attempted a past life meditation and honestly don't know what I believe. I do vividly remember a dream I had when I was a child, it has stuck with me to this day, and I'm nearly 40 years old. I was following two adults and walking up a metal stair case, it was outdoors, the weather was dreary, I was being rushed, then when I turned around I could see water and the Statue of Liberty. I couldn't see myself in the dream either, it was only my surroundings as if I was really experiencing it. At the time of the dream I didn't know it was the Statue of Liberty, but as I grew up I realized what was in that dream. The dream still feels very real and I later told my mother about it....she thinks it sounds like Ellis Island. Maybe it was a past life? Or maybe I seen something on TV them dreamed about it..... Who knows.
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Re: Past Life Questions
Post # 6
Your past lives might be unfinished businesses try that have to overcome in the present life. They seem to end tragically.
"Shandi" means shan ground in chinese...which probably means that you were begging your murder to stop (i could be wrong) i also think you should really look into that more. Try doing it again and sew what happens.
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