A Weird Thing Happened.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> A Weird Thing Happened.

A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 1
So hey guys,

I ended up having Sleep Paralysis for the first time in months, and it was pretty strange actually.

So basically, I have my fan behind me on my desk on full blast, because we're currently having a mini heatwave in Britain, and my phone when plugged in it gives of a blue light. At one point during this I started to NOT feel the air coming from my fan at all, and my fan is literally right behind me. It also felt as though someone was just like, lying there next to me, because my back became incredibly warm.

When the sleep paralysis started to fade away and I could actually open my eyes, I saw my phone's light dim, for a split second like someone put their hand over it by accident or something like that.

What do you guys think? To me it feels though that the sleep paralysis was induced by the spirit or whatever was there, like it wanted me to know it was there but it didn't want me to like see it or something. I can't see spirits or anything like that, I'm not a medium or whatever. I'd like to know what you guys think and if you've had anything similar I'd like to know.

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Re: A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 2

(I accidentally posted this twice, sorry about that. I forgot to edit it before hand. My bad)

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Re: A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 3

I think it was probably just the sleep paralysis. It can cause strange sensations and feelings.

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Re: A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 4
I agree, that it was more or less just a sleep paralysis.
Spirits usually dont come along with a massive influence like that (talking about good ones - bad ones you'd know, when they come along)
When a spirit wants to contact you, you feel a breeze, a touch, a cozy warm feeling in a certain situation - things like hat. They come along with gentle effects..
About the phone..
It is normal, that a slight light even blue disappears for seconds.. a doc can surely tell you the reason. as far as i know, its a normal reaction, when your eyes try to look sharp or try to see a contrast - might also have to do with the loss of seeing colors, in a dark room.

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Re: A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 5
Sleep paralysis is also called Old Hag Syndrome Not having the knowledge we do now in the past people believed this phenomena to be a demonic visiting. The folklore surrounding it suggests the reason people cant move is because an old hag was sitting on their chest. In the past people would hallucinate witches, demons, goblins and ghosts and would mistake them as actual encounters. In the modern day we have a concept of aliens and so now a lot of people with sleep paralysis claim they were visited by Aliens. Which explains why most alien abduction claims happened to the person when they were in bed.
Sleep paralysis is more common in teenagers and children and is caused by irregular sleep patterns and sleep deprivation. When we sleep our brain disconnects the part of our brain what dreams and the part that causes movement so we dont act our dreams. Sometimes the brain doesnt reconnect when we wake up so our movement is restricted.
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Re: A Weird Thing Happened.
Post # 6
I'm not entirely convinced by the knowledge that is being handed to you. Yes, it could have very well been a hallucination, but there is a gray area where we have to discern if it was a true hallucination or not. Afterall, much of our belief systems have been founded on incidents like these that blur between science and myth. In my experience, I find them to often be one-in-the-same.

Your instincts and reactions are often more telling of what is happening than we'd all enjoy. Do you have reason to believe that someone has visited you? Any dead relatives or friends you were very close too?

It is not far fetched. The light could be anything so we won't speculate on that, but your own personal emotions and what was going on in your heart and mind at that moment, may tell us a lot more of what is going on. I myself have been visited numerous times in such a fashion, both by succubi attempting to prey on my sexual insecurities and by the Shadow People.

We can discuss more if you like here, or, you may message me personally if you so desire, and I can do my best to be as impartial, and as logical, as I can be for your problem. The cards might even have much to tell about this...
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