Things like dreamcatcher?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Things like dreamcatcher?

Things like dreamcatcher?
Post # 1
So I have a baby brother, and I want to hang something in his room (on the wall) for both decoration and for a practical use. The only comparison I can think of would be a dreamcatcher, but he sleeps soundly at night (shockingly) and doesn't need one. What other sort of things would a baby need that I could hang on a wall?
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Re: Things like dreamcatcher?
Post # 2
Perhaps you could make a hanging pendant for him and perform a protection ritual on it? So like his own little charm :)
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Re: Things like dreamcatcher?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
dreamcatchers would help with nightmares, but for a baby you can try some child protection, like placing a statue of a deity associated with children and/or protection in his room [typically facing the crib] there's an old Jewish spell/belief that you tie a red ribbon on the bed to protect the child inside. you might also like to make a pillow/plushie stuffed with soothing herbs like lavender [you can use herbs for protection, luck, or whatever else you wish] of course you wouldn't put this in the baby's bed until he is older, but you can place it on a shelf near the crib.
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Re: Things like dreamcatcher?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

If you're worried about cultural appropriation, you can buy a dream catcher from Native's shops to support the makers of them instead of making your own or buying from non-Natives.

But, you could hang any sort of charm, amulet, or set any apotropaic system around the area they sleep to help. Gator's (you can get cute toys ones) gobble bad dreams and spells, deities (as suggested above) such as Hekate (not the only one, just one I know for sure) protect children and homes from evil influences, a bag of roots and herbs (non-toxic) that protect are good and can be hanged around the room in the four corners, personal sigils drawn under the bed, glasses of water under the bed with a toy or real egg (make sure to change it after a while with a real egg), a Bible with a flour sifter on top of it under the bed; all sorts of little charms exist, these are just from the top of my head.

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