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Medieval BOS
Post # 1
I recently started to wonder how possible it would be to make a book of shadows/ grimoire in the ancient way, with vellum, and calligraphy, and guided pages. How long would it take, and would it have any bad energies because the pages would be made from untanned animal hide?

And yes. I know it would take a crazy long time to make and be really expensive, but it would be worth it...
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Re: Medieval BOS
Post # 2
I would like to point out that a Grimoire and a Book of Shadows are completely different things.

It should also be noted that the Book of Shadows is not even a century old. How would a person be able to create a medival version of something that have not even existed for a century is beyond me.

Anyway. Good luck I guess
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Re: Medieval BOS
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Grimoire and Book of Shadows are...similar

Grimoire - a Textbook of Magic knowledge
Book of Shadows - Personal book of a Wiccan/Witch - a term that was created by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's

Due to the evolution of language, lots of practitioners have started to use Grimoire as a way to name their own personal book - to distance themselves from Wicca.

So really, both definitions are correct.

Now, to the question - there are a lot of 'dyi' guides online about how to make your own book - I suggest looking for local book binding classes etc, it is an expensive venture - but well worth it.

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Re: Medieval BOS
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Yes, I'm sure it would take quite a long time, and it could be rather expensive.

If it's worth it to you, go ahead. I wouldn't personally, but it's your book.

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Re: Medieval BOS
Post # 5
I'm currently writing my big 800-page BOS and its taken me months so far; and I haven't even got to the important things yet.

Let alone beautiful calligraphy, vellum, and perhaps even binding your own leather and so on for the cover.
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