God/dess Confusion

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God/dess Confusion
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi All,

This is something that I've sort of just let flow for a while, and I'm reasonably content to let things develop on their own but thought it could be helpful to seek some outside help either way.

For a long while I've had a lot of confusion on my personal matron and patron deity, or the beings present in my life at this time. My own views on deity are probably a little less common within the pagan community, but that's a little besides the point.

I have affirmed through various readings and signs perceived in my life that there is at least a being in my life, one who is encouraging me to go beyond formalities and love openly, one who is encouraging me to feel protected and to know that this situation is stable (the whole "loving deity" thing seems to be quite present in my current path, just to clarify, but with more popular pagan themes.) However, I have no idea who they are, or if there is more than one of these beings. The cards did suggest a Goddess and a male being - this male being could very much be a guide, or even the/a God whose influence in my life is blocked to due personal traumas and struggles.

However, I feel a) unsure what these beings are. b) unsure who they are. c) uncertain of how to approach these beings and d) if I should be worried at all about the specific and just "go with it".

I'm mainly concerned with causing accidental disrespect to a deity, by assuming something or doing something wrong (such as assuming them to be this deity, that deity, a spirit guide etc.) Like wise, I don't want to assume a spirit guide to be a deity, since then I could be approaching the relationship in a wholly different way. There's also always the question of where we draw the line between spirit and deity - especially for those who believe deities are more or less larger spirits - but that's turning into a debate that asks questions currently irrelevant to my topic. Sorry, I'm rambling.

I know that only I can answer most of these questions, but wanted to reach out to the community just in case someone out there has any idea how I could possibly deal with all of these questions. I'm starting to become accepting of the idea that I might need to just "let it be", and let things develop on their own, but another aspect of the recent readings did suggest I reach out to a community (so I figured: "what the heck, I'll go for it".)

Sorry to ramble, hope this doesn't sound too hopeless or uneducated or downright childish in any way. Just splurging the situation out there.

Thanks to any and all replies made!
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Re: God/dess Confusion
Post # 2

First let me say that this is my opinion on the matter, not claiming anything as fact.

Different traditions treat Deities differently. Some I have seen to raise them up on a pedistal singing praise simply for their existence, because they believe they are responsible for one natural act or another. Some suggest prayer and or altars to them to show devotion. Others see them as not being any more powerful than we are.

Regardless of what you assume them to be, I think that if these beings are encouraging you that it would be safe to try to communicate with them. I don't personally see any being trying to influence you positively and then getting angry when you respond, as long as it is done with respect. Show them the same respect one should show their parents or elders and you should be fine.

It is hard to say what way will work for you. You could try praying to them for the answers you seek. You could try various meditations meant to help you commune with entities. You could continue using cards as a means of finding out information. You could try one of the various forms of scrying. I am sure there are many other means of contacting a spirit or deity. But honestly I would go with whatever makes you feel comfortable or what feels right to you. Something like this is very personal and what works for others may not work the same for you.

Be safe, and I hope you find the answers to all of your questions.


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Re: God/dess Confusion
Post # 3
Spirituality is in lamans terms the understanding that there is a higher aspect of your life/self/the world around you. When you practice spirituality you are connecting to this higher aspect no matter who or what it is.

Theology is the concept of identifying this higher aspect. This can be difficult because really there are many beings who fit your description and they range from spirits all the way to divine beings.

Religion is the act of embodying the philosophy and teaching of these beings. You believe in them and you seek to connect with them on a personal level.

So as you can see all of these are paths that you can choose from and you can choose all or none if you desire. But to answer your question my advice is to treat this being that you feel as a real being because it is. Ask it too reveal itself too you. Most times they will be happy to do so and it may be quick like a awakening or it may take time until they feel you are ready.
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