Mentall-illness & AP?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Mentall-illness & AP?

Mentall-illness & AP?
Post # 1
First I should start out by saying I am diagnosed with Depression, I believe I also have BPD. I am medicated for it with Fluoxetine, I also experience other bizarre symptoms that would take all-day to discuss.

However, I've recently been trying to Astrally project (Even before I was Medicated!) and sometimes I feel -so- close to one, however to no avail. I am wondering if Mental divergences can hinder one's ability to Astrally project. If someone's brain and mindset are different from what people would consider typical, could that be a cause for not being able to project?
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Re: Mentall-illness & AP?
Post # 2
I also should mention I did experience astral projects as a very very young child! But didn't have one over the age of 6(?)
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Re: Mentall-illness & AP?
Post # 3

Yes mental health issues, and medication as well can interfere with trying to project (or even sense energy, read others etc). But if it is something you wish to do I would still try. I personally have a lot going on in that department and while it has taken me a while to relearn how to do things, it is still possible.

The worst for me was the being spacy and anxiety from the meds. Simple relaxation exercises can often help with that. This may be of help :)

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Re: Mentall-illness & AP?
Post # 4
You can still become quite adept at these kinds of practices with things like depression or anxiety. The most dangerous side of this is that an altered state like depression is still an altered state, and could be taken to a bad place. its a state with little mental and spiritual protection.

However, anything can be solved with enough mental discipline and the right support group it wont be that big of a danger or challenge.

Good luck. :)
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Re: Mental-illness & AP?
Post # 5
I remember when I was a little girl I could see my body parts moving with my eyes closed in the dark. I cannot so that now but I don't think my major depression caused it. It could have though, don't get me wrong.
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