using photos in Hoodoo

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using photos in Hoodoo
Post # 1
Ok i have a question about how to ritually use a photo in Hoodoo to help rebuild a freindship of mine.

I got the idea from the following site:

at the bottom section:
Modern Magic with Photographs

The modern era has given us not only greater access to the photographs of others, but it has also given us new tools with which to manipulate those images. With programs like photoshop or, the modern worker can now digitally transform photographs to reflect what they wish to occur to a person or individual.

With a basic understanding of these programs you can take a photograph of a person and alter their looks by making them appear to be sick, injured, or even dead. You can copy their face and paste it on the body of another person, for example, placing the face of a physically fit person onto the body of an obese person or vice versa. You can take a photograph of them holding hands with another person and exchange it with your own. You're limited only by your imagination.

Ok my question is this is :
If I photoshop me and a freind (who stopped being freinds with me due to outside manipulation by his ex gf who has got him conditioned to jump and do as she says and obey her whims in a second and do what ever it takes to try to win her back...basically he's the conditioned to her control)standing side by side how can I ritually employ the photo as I have never used photos before?

As to her i'm in the process of taking care of her and her control over him!

Thank you for responding
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Re: using photos in Hoodoo
Post # 2
In hoodoo personal effects are informally ranked for their effectiveness, as determined by the closeness of their relationship to the target, with blood and other bodily fluids being the strongest.

A photoshopped photograph would likely be better than a regular photo, but not nearly as potent as hair or clothing. If you want to use it, I'd recommend doing so in conjunction with a more intimate item.
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Re: using photos in Hoodoo
Post # 3
Mabd, I have a photograph of me and the person, and I also have a hat he gave me but I've worn it a few times, will this push his energy out of it because I've worn it and can I still use it? Would you be so kind as to give me some guidance on how to use these items in a hoodoo ritual or spell to resolve a misunderstanding that led to us not speaking anymore?

Love and Light
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Re: using photos in Hoodoo
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
It's not a bad idea. But it's a really roundabout way to do it. A simple separation work or relaxation and honey spell no the girlfriend would be better, because it would weaken her grip on him and she'd be less controlling as a person. Then you friends should be able to get together without any issue.
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