common grounds?

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common grounds?
Post # 1
in most grimoires or magick "manuals" one will come across ways to aquire some "powers" that are said to be hidden in our own essence.
is there a universal way to unlock them? some training way that is shared for all of those? the reason im asking is because there is a specific one im after and i know our species is capable of it, but i havent found any instructions on unlocking it anywhere and i have done my fair share of research.
and please dont bother responding to this if you dont know or are here because of some tv show that gave you the wrong impression of things. this isnt my first account and people like that were the reason i quit last time.
Thank you!
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Re: common grounds?
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
I am afraid you will need to be more specific in what you are looking for or what you mean by powers.
Often when people come here looking for powers they are looking for fictional things that are not possible. Some examples of this would be, but are not limited to, moving things with the mind and no physical effort, levitation, flying, lighting things on fire without the use of conventional means, transforming their physical body, and mind reading or control.

These things are not real in the way that most people want them to be.

Others come here looking for powers that will make them rich, famous, feared, popular, and immortal in an instance. This is not possible.

If you could be more specific on what it is you are looking for, it would help others to help you.
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Re: common grounds?
Post # 3
im aware of what is and isnt real and possible. i dont confuse real magick with whats seen in movies. ive studied it for 7-8 years now.
when i say powers i mean the psychic or "paranormal" kind. the examples are given by you already.
my question was if there is any common way to train or improve them. a common way that connects them all in some way? a specific method of training.

sorry, but the thing im after is somewhat personal and im not gonna reveal it. but i can assure you im not delusional and it is possible :)
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Re: common grounds?
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 4
The examples I gave are things that are not possible.
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Re: common grounds?
Post # 5
they are pssible with enough practice. sadly the human mind has been poisoned by many physical factors, so that to clense it and train it to the point of potential success, would take a LOT of time, which is almost impossible due to every persons responsibilities like work and family.
difficult, but not impossible
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Re: common grounds?
Post # 6
sorry, but your posts make no sense -.-
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Re: common grounds?
Post # 7
If you have noticed NordStar is a novice, I think it's just before "Knowledgable" reputation, the highest of all. She has also earned a council position on her coven and an Editor position on the website. So essentially she knows a lot. You did not make your question clear enough and you are a bit rude... You should appreciate her help and believes. How did you expect her and everyone to understand? I didn't understand either, only after you wrote it again.

If you mean abilities hearing, seeing or sensing spirits, try meditation. This is, possible. Moving things with the mind may be possible, but in no case you'll move something like a door to close it or move an object to the other side of the room. If it's possible we're talking about small and light-weighted objects, like a piece or paper.

Mind reading is possible, however this is a psychic ability called "intuition" or maybe a form of empathy. You need to have very high these abilties in order to sense or feel what others think about and it doesn't always work in most cases. All the other examples NordStar mentioned are impossible.

I do agree that the human mind has actualy great potential, however in no case we can break the laws of nature. This is, impossible. You can't fly, neither create fire out of the blue and all the others examples that are mentioned. Nature created the human mind; not the human mind created nature.

If you want any kind of paranormal or psychic True, abilities, then meditate.
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Re: common grounds?
By: / Novice
Post # 8

Indexer was talking to someone else who deleted their posts, not Nordstar.

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