Issue With Priesthood

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Issue With Priesthood
Post # 1
I would first like to open up by apologizing. I've looked over the FAQs and skimmed over misc. topics about this issue, but my current problem doesn't seem to be addressed, so I'm hoping I can get some direct help here.

Before this current account I'm using, I was using an account called Natorus. It has been recently promoted to being Priest of the coven, "The Legion of Light and Shadow" much to my own surprise, but I endeavored to try and fit into the role.

No sooner that I had become Priest, I found my account gagged for a reason I really wish to know. Of course there's no real way for me to figure it out, sadly, but I found myself in a predicament with this.

I know that I had to have an account promoted to my old standing before I could have that account physically leaves, as it notifies me of this when I try, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make this new account Priest, as the old account has been gagged, which means its as of now useless to the coven.

Is there some period of time that has to be expanded before this is allowed? Posting amount? I'm not exactly sure and I haven't found that exact answer in the faqs or forums, except that there's one snippet that the Priest/ess decides their own Priest/ess, but if that's the case we may be in a blunder, because our new Priestess seems inactive and has virtually no activity thus far.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Issue With Priesthood
Post # 2
Legion of Light and Dark*
Apologies for the horrible error.
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Re: Issue With Priesthood
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Covens from Misc Topics.
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Re: Issue With Priesthood
Post # 4
Your new account is not old enough to be promoted to priest. You can continue to log in and accept people into the coven and make changes to the front page, however until your about reaches three months of age, you will be unable to do anything else.
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Re: Issue With Priesthood
Post # 5
@Nebethetepet: Thank you for the info! Three months eh? Alrighty then.
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