Protection or Binding?

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Protection or Binding?
Post # 1
I have two "nieces" who aren't really related to me, I just have a close relationship with their parents and the girls refer to me as their auntie. The parents divorced a year or two ago, and there have been two custody battles initiated by the dad who wants full time custody. I'm friends with both of them, they are both good parents. This is simply a way of hurting the mom for wanting to move on from their failed marriage.
I've stayed out of it, other than to write a letter recommending shared custody. I am a child of divorce, I know how messed up it can make kids if the parents use them in the fights. I would like to do some kind of spell to protect the children from being harmed emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically (the parents aren't abusive I just want to cover all my bases) by the custody issue. I would also like to do a binding to prevent the parents from harming the kids or each other through the custody thing. A divorce is supposed to end a marriage, not a family. I'm only reluctant because I don't want to accidentally make things worse. Any thoughts on this? Suggestions?
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Re: Protection or Binding?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I'm a child of divorse too, i get your point. Sadly, there aren't spells that can really protect one mentally of physically. There are spells that give a boost on a person so they'll be a bit stronger mentally, but none that will actually protect them from everything.

Their parents should know that it only hurts their kids, besides them selfs. The only thing that can be done is both parents talk to each other and understand that they're only hurting their childs.

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Re: Protection or Binding?
Post # 3

I would advise against the binding, as with such strong emotions related to not wanting them to get hurt could actually cause the opposite effect.

Candle magic, prayers, protective sigils or even gifts with protective magic woven into them would be efficient I think. Brightest blessings for your goal.

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